Questions about Games

questions about games

Choosing the Best Games can be daunting when we have such a large selection.  Sorry about that:)  You must have a ton of little questions when planning your event, and narrowing down your game choices is just another to-do on that long list of yours. If you don’t know where to start, please refer to our list of common questions related to deciding which games to choose, and hopefully you will get some guidance. If not, you can always Come See us in Person to see our full inventory in person, or give us a Call or Text or Email.

Game FAQs

How do i book Dealers

You might be wondering – How do I Book Dealers? When you book online with us, it will specifically ask you if you would like our Dealers if you are looking at one of our Casino Tables or Wheels. Check off that you would like them.

In the checkout, it will confirm that you still want these Dealers. Here is where you can enter the city that they would need to travel to, and the hours that you need them. Then it will give you a price.

Jack of all Spades will, on your behalf, contact the company that we subcontract our Dealers from, and provide them with all the information that you provided for your event. This company will take care of hiring the Dealers for your event, and they will contact you to figure out how you want the games run.

The Owner of the Dealing company (Vince) is fabulous to work with, and we have partnered with him since 2007! He might ask you questions like how you will like the games played, if there will be any raffles, how the poker chip structure will look like, or how the raffle ticket structure will look like.

Don’t have any clue how to run a Casino Night for profit? Or is this just for entertainment yet you aren’t sure how to make it all come together? Don’t worry! His company is wonderful and he will guide you through every step till you are comfortable.  

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how many casino tables to rent

Once you have looked into how Many People each Casino Table Accommodates, as well as What Percentage of Guests will Gamble, you are well equipped to figure out how many Casino Tables to rent. Lucky for you, we have put together a handy spreadsheet where all you have to do is look at how many people will be in attendance, and it will dictate our suggestions on which tables to rent, and how many of each. Smart huh?!

Blackjack is always the most popular, followed by Roulette, and then Poker and so on.  The other Casino Games are extremely popular as well, but if you are going to have multiples of games, you may want multiples of the first three mentioned here.

Here is a super convenient and dummy proof spreadsheet which will help you get started.  It is broken down by game, and by how many guests you expect to attend.  Then we took 40% of that number and came up with a breakdown of what you may want to consider renting. Of course, this is just a guideline – you know your people better and what they would enjoy playing.  If you still need help deciding on quantities, just ask!

CLICK HERE to print the table that you see below OR to see a larger version of it.  

How Many Casino Tables to Rent

If you like our suggestions on How Many Casino Tables to Rent, and are ready to book, then head over to our CASINO NIGHT PACKAGES to make sure you get some discounts on your Casino Night!

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What Percentage of Guests will Gamble

Well of course it can be hard to predict what Percentage of Guests will Gamble during a Casino Night.  You see, if you have couples coming, they may watch each other play so there might only be one participant at a Blackjack Table even though there are 2 people standing there as an example. If it is all coworkers, then you may have more participation but this depends on the ratio of females vs males.  Males typically are bigger gamblers but that is not to discredit the females.  Certain games attract certain genders too.

Now that we have totally confused you, we will try to help you with a number.  A good rule of thumb is to try to find enough games for 40% of your people.  So if you expect 100 to show, only find games that will accommodate around 40 at any given time.

Lucky for you, we have put together a spreadsheet that breaks down our recommendations based on the number of people you expect to come, and based on that 40% figure.  Aren’t we kind?!  CLICK HERE to see a breakdown of how many people can play a Casino Game at any given time.

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How many people each Casino Table Accommodates

It helps to be able to understand How Many People each Casino Table Accommodates so that you can do your planning properly and have the right amount of tables. You don’t want too many because it is a sad party when the room looks empty, but you also don’t want too few because not everyone will get a turn. People might not feel like waiting in line to play, and will just give up. Below we have a list of our Casino Games so that you can judge how many people will be able to play at any given time.

The following can accommodate up to 6 people at any given time:

  • Roulette
  • Craps
  • Crown & Anchor
  • Horse Race Wheel
  • Car Race Wheel
  • Jungle Race Wheel

These Casino Tables can look after more:

  • The Blackjack Table seats 7 plus a dealer
  • The Poker Table seats 9 plus a dealer.

Now that you have this info, it should help guide you in choosing the appropriate amount of games suitable to the size of your party, and it should answer your main question of how many people each Casino Table accommodates.

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