We have Casino Game Rentals that are perfect for Stag & Doe’s and smaller Fundraisers or Home Parties.  And then we have some Casino Game Rentals meant for super fancy Events and Fundraisers.  Decide the level of fanciness for your upcoming event. Then we can display the exact games that you should rent!

Are you on a super fixed budget or is money not an issue?  Decide what wow factor you are trying to display to your guests.  We can also provide Dealers for all of your Casino Games.  Click on that icon to get the Dealer prices.  Keep in mind that Dealers are offered to you on each Casino Table page, but you are welcome to add them through this page too.

  • Deluxe: High budget, and the clientele is expecting supreme fanciness
  • Regular: Mid budget, and the clientele is happy to be there, but do care about the appeal of the tables to a degree
  • Mat: Low budget – people are just there to have fun and do not care what how fancy things are