who is eligible for delivery

Who is Eligible for Delivery?

Everyone seems to want Delivery!  It’s a super convenient and affordable service that we offer, because we set up everything, pack it up, and do all of the lifting and driving for you.  Saves you tons of time and effort.

We only offer Delivery Services to those hosting large Casino Nights, Corporate Events, Home Parties, or Fundraisers. You will know if you qualify, because the system will automatically ASK you if you want Delivery added to your order. If you are getting Deluxe Casino Tables, then you must get Delivery.

Note that we do not deliver for Stag & Doe’s or Stags. However our pick up times for you to get your order from us in Grimsby, are super flexible.  You are usually able to come a day or two in advance and bring it back a day or two later.  This is counted as a one day rental too!

Delivery Formula

Delivery Formula

Our Delivery Fee is not just picked randomly out of thin air.  We have a formula!  Here is what it looks like:

  1. Fuel Charge: $2.50 per km from our Showroom in Grimsby to cover for transportation costs. There is a minimum Fuel Charge of $50.
  2. Set up Fee: $20 per game for unpacking it all and setting it up, then later for tearing it all down and packing it up
  3. Obstacle Fee: only charged if have obstacles such as flights of stairs, use of elevator, long walk once inside the building, parking issues, tight spaces, etc.

If you want to know EXACTLY how much Your Obstacle Fee is (if any), please CLICK HERE.

Why It is Worth Every Penny

Why It is Worth Every Penny

Think about all the time and effort we are saving you:

  • Driving to our showroom in Grimsby
  • Packing it all up in your car
  • Driving to destination
  • Unpacking it from car
  • Setting it up
  • Tearing it down
  • Packing it up in car
  • Driving back to our place
  • Unpack your car again
  • Drive home
Delivery Example

Delivery Example

You are ordering 1 blackjack table and 1 crown & anchor wheel, and have qualified for Delivery. You know you qualified because it asked you if you wanted to add it on!

  1. Fuel Charge:
    • 25 kms away (25kms x $2.50/km = $62.50)
  2. Game Set Up Fee
    • 2 Games (2 games x $20 = $40)
  3. Obstacles
    • Have to find Street parking (2 games x $5 = $10)
    • 1 Flight of Stairs (2 games x $5 = $10)
  4. Total: $122.50

So $122.50 to have it all taken care of!  We do all of the heavy lifting, and you just have to show up – that is peace of mind.  Save the money from gas consumption, and save all those countless precious minutes and hours and have someone else do the dirty work!

Click here if you want to see our Obstacle charges itemized so you know how much your cost will be.

Finer Details

Still Have Questions?

We encourage you to check out our Rental Agreement for more details on the actual process of Delivery, but for now at least you understand how it is calculated!  Here is what the Rental Agreement talks about:

  • Who is Eligible for Delivery
  • When do you deliver
  • What happens during delivery
  • What happens during pickup

You can also scroll down to read some of our Delivery FAQs. Any other questions, click on the “LIVE CHAT” below, call us at 905-592-2032, or text us at 905-979-7696.


Recent Delivery Reviews

Delivery FAQs

delivery girl

If you have added on Set up & Teardown which is $20 per game, you will then be prompted to enter in your Delivery Address while in the checkout. A Transportation Fee will be added to your cart after entering in this address. The calculation is simple – it is $2.50 per km from our showroom, to your location. Keep in mind that when broken down, this is more like $0.63/km each way, as we have to travel to your location, back to our shop, to your location, and back to our shop again. We are not like other Delivery companies where they can get a large trailer and do 30 deliveries in your city that day. We are only going specifically for your event and might only have 1 or 2 other deliveries the whole week.

What does this Transportation Fee include?

The bulk of this fee will cover our Delivery Personnel’s time as much of their time will be spent packing/unpacking your order, as well as loading/unloading your order onto our trucks. Then there is all the time spent on the road as they go to your location, back to our shop, to your location and back to our shop again. It also covers for Fuel Charges and upkeep to our vehicles. Additionally, depending on how large your event is, sometimes we need to rent special equipment or a larger vehicle to fit all of your games into one load. This Transportation fee will cover all of this.

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Category: Delivery FAQs

We charge $10 for Set up for each game, and $10 for Teardown of each game, so therefore $20 is charged for each game that we are delivering. This accounts for the time it takes our Delivery Personnel to unload it, take it up an elevator, bring it into a room and set it up. Then again when our Delivery Personnel return to grab your order, they will pack it all up, carry all of the items back down that elevator or stairs, and load it back into the truck. Our Delivery Personnel will also inspect everything, make any last minute repairs, and give it a wipe down if got dirty during transporting it.

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Category: Delivery FAQs
What Time Will You Deliver & Pick Up

Delivery Time

7 Days prior to your Event, you are welcome to Request a Delivery Time. Typically it will be the same day as your event, hours and hours before your guests arrive. Sometimes you might request that we come the day prior. As long as we are free and the games are free, we can!

Pick Up Time

When you request a Delivery Time, at the same time you also request a Pick up Time. We will usually come back the next day to pick up the order, but we are sometimes able to come the same night.  It just depends where all of our other deliveries are, and we manage that accordingly.  Some halls are sticklers and need everything out that night, so we do our best to accommodate everyone!  

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obstacle fee

We need to know what we are walking into before delivering. For instance, we would need to be able to schedule enough time to climb 4 flights of stairs, if that is your situation. That is a lot of extra work and time required, and we need to be prepared. Or if we have to take an elevator – we have to load it all in, take it up to the particular floor, unload it all one by one, etc. Also very time consuming. Obstacles just add on to the time that it takes to do your Delivery, and our Delivery personnel are paid by the hour. This is why it is important to ask so that we can schedule it in! We take pride in arriving on time for your Delivery, and if our last Delivery held us up for an extra 45 minutes because we were not made aware of these Obstacles, then that is not too fair to you. So during the booking process, you will be asked the question about Obstacles, and now you know why!

Here are some examples of Obstacles:

  • Parking Issues
  • Long walk from Entrance
  • Elevators or Escalators
  • Narrow Space to Maneuver
  • Stairs

Itemized Obstacle Fee Charges

Each game will be subjected to the following Obstacle Fees:

Unloading Situation

  • $0 Unload at Entrance
  • $4 Unload in Parking Lot
  • $5 Unload in Street Parking
  • $5 Unload in Loading Dock

Walking Distance

  • $0 Room is right inside entrance
  • $2 Small Distance to walk
  • $5 Somewhat of a long distance to walk

Stairs / Elevator / Escalator

  • $0 None
  • $0 – 1-3 Steps to climb
  • $5 – 1 x Flight of Stairs to Climb
  • $7 – 2 x Flights of Stairs to Climb
  • $9 – 3 x Flights of Stairs to Climb
  • $3 Freight Elevator
  • $5 Elevator
  • $5 Escalator

As an example, if we have to unload at the loading dock, have a somewhat long distance to walk, and have 3 flights of stairs to climb, there will be a charge of $19. If you have 3 games, the Obstacle charge will be $19 x 3 = $57. Note that a charge of $19 is the most you will ever pay per game, but most people’s total is $0 for Obstacles to be quite honest.

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Do you Deliver or do Pick Up my Order

So you are wondering if we Deliver your order for you, or if you are responsible for Picking up your order. Here is your answer: Yes we deliver, and yes you have to pick up…. Let us explain!

We deliver only for large Casino Nights or Corporate Functions, Weddings, Fundraisers, as well as some Home Parties.  We reserve our time for these larger events and do not deliver for Stag & Doe’s or Stags. Plus the whole point of those last two parties are to make money, not spend it!

Also there are some games, such as our DELUXE TABLES, that we do not offer Pick up as an option, so in some cases you have to use our Delivery Services.

With that said, we are super flexible with when you can come pick up your order and drop off your order.  Usually you can come a day or two in advance, and then return it a day or two after your event.  You would not incur extra charges for this, so not to worry!

ie) for a Saturday event, you would pick up on either the Thursday or Friday, and return it to us on either the Monday or Tuesday.

For a ton more detail on Delivery, please CLICK HERE.

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