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Thank you for visiting our page… You have come to the right place for Game Rentals! Jack of all Spades offers the Best Game Rentals in Southern Ontario (Canada)!   We will be honoured to hook you up with some awesome games for your Stag & Doe, Casino Night, Fundraiser, or any event!

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Which Games do I need for my Event?

With you in mind, we developed pages that are dedicated to the type of Event you are holding.  All you have to do, is choose the Type of Event you are planning, and then it will give you tips on how to run it smoothly, which are the most popular games, and of course take you to some Package Deals.

Do you have Packages?

Sure do!  Just pick the Package that fits your theme (they are in order of popularity).  Inside each Package, we have taken the guess work out of it and have included all available options that would fit your party’s theme. All Packages are on sale where you can save from 10% – 20% off the Games in the Packages!  Not sure which one to get?  Add a couple of the Packages to your Shopping Cart.  Then compare them and delete the one(s) you don’t want!

How do I Book Games?

You can either Shop Online or Shop in Person. If Shopping Online – once you find what you are looking for, you can either “Add to Quote” or “Add to Cart”.  This will give you your full rental price so that you can make a decision on whether to book with us.  We have pictures and descriptions of EVERY game, so most people book directly from our website.

How do I book?

1. Shop Online (4 ways to shop)

  • Click on the Type of Event you are having to see some ideas
  • Choose from one of our Packages
  • See our Full List of Games and add them to the cart as you find them
  • Go to the Search Bar (at top of page) and Search by Name

2. Shop in Person

  • Alternatively you can come visit us in person and Make an Appointment to see everything as some people are visual and that works too!

I have so many Questions, where do I begin?

The best place to start, is to go to our FAQ Section.  We have broken down how to plan an event piece by piece for you, so that you can plan any event from start to finish with confidence.  So go on… what are you waiting for?!

Our Approach

We invite you to see how Our Approach is different from other Rental companies. Our priority is YOU! We want you to have a successful event and after looking through our site, you will see that it is FULLLL of advice, because we really want to see you happy.

Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Get to know Carrie and how she built her company from the ground up back in 2007.  She will describe how her Approach to business is unique and she will give you a sneak peak into her story.

Read Rental Agreement

We disclose everything upfront before you book, as we have nothing to hide.

Read our Google Reviews

You will be impressed and will see some themes – such as how people love our booking process, pick up process, quality of games, and customer service. We have no control over which ones Google posts, but we do have a 4.9 star rating so we aren’t shy on sharing!