How Many People each Casino Table Accommodates

How many people each Casino Table Accommodates

It helps to be able to understand How Many People each Casino Table Accommodates so that you can do your planning properly and have the right amount of tables. You don’t want too many because it is a sad party when the room looks empty, but you also don’t want too few because not everyone will get a turn. People might not feel like waiting in line to play, and will just give up. Below we have a list of our Casino Games so that you can judge how many people will be able to play at any given time.

The following can accommodate up to 6 people at any given time:

  • Roulette
  • Craps
  • Crown & Anchor
  • Horse Race Wheel
  • Car Race Wheel
  • Jungle Race Wheel

These Casino Tables can look after more:

  • The Blackjack Table seats 7 plus a dealer
  • The Poker Table seats 9 plus a dealer.

Now that you have this info, it should help guide you in choosing the appropriate amount of games suitable to the size of your party, and it should answer your main question of how many people each Casino Table accommodates.

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