These Game Signs are only $5 each, and will clearly advertise your game for you, as well as how much you are charging people to play. Quick and easy!  Why go spend $2 on a sign at the dollar store, then design it, colour it with markers, cut out letters, and take ALLL that extra time for nothing?

The great news is, if you rent any of our Wheels, Plinko’s, Miscellaneous Games, Golf Games, and any of the Casino Mats, your Sign will come included!

Our signs are totally customizable for your specific needs.  There are spots for you to write in the prices (with a dry erase marker that we lend you).  On some signs there are areas for you to write in what the prize is and what the rules are.

They are a huge time saver and you will appreciate them.  They are also super vibrant and big, so can help advertise your game when set up in a large hall.  Your guests can scan the room and easily see these signs and what the game is called.

So rent these matching Signs already!  When you are ordering your game, you will find a place there to add these to your order.  Or you can add them here, you choice!

Showing 1–20 of 23 results

Showing 1–20 of 23 results