How Many Games Should I Rent?

How many games should i rent

This is a tricky question, and not one we can answer in just a sentence or two. The question we always get is: How many Games Should I Rent? This depends on 4 things when we break it down:

  • The Crowd
  • The Logistics of the Night
  • How Long your Event is
  • The Number of Guests

The Crowd

  • Think about who is coming, and what they would enjoy. Also think about how much they will be willing to spend, as games like Blackjack, Roulette and Poker require some more cash than a game like Hockey Shootout. Some people are all about gambling at Casino Tables, whereas others just like the easy games that do not require much thinking or know-how. Have a good mix.

The Logistics of the Night

  • Think about when you are serving food, and what other surprises you have planned for your guests and try to make the evening flow nicely. Make sure to create a schedule.
  • We suggest that you continually bring out new games throughout the night to raise excitement and anticipation. Calculate how many hours you expect people to stay, how often you want to bring out more games, and you have got your number.
  • If you have a ton of games, keep some out the whole night, and others bring out slowly.  So perhaps the Jail & Bail and Crown & Anchor is out the whole time, but bring out the Bra Pong from 9-10 and the Punch a Bunch from 11-12 as an example.  
  • Make sure to advertise and really talk it up that those games (with the help from your DJ) and tell people that it will only be out for certain times.
  • Just don’t bring out everything all at once.  As the excitement dies down and people leave.

How Long your Event is

  • If you only have the hall for 5 hours, don’t cram it with activities as it is too much for people to digest
  • You want variety but you don’t want anyone to feel overwhelmed by the amount of action happening, as they need some quiet and downtime
  • If you have the hall for longer, then gradually bring things out to generate interest over a longer period of time

The Number of Guests

  • This is purely for illustration purposes and it is just a suggestion, but here are some good guidelines:
    • 50-100 people: 3-4 games
    • 100-200 people: 4-5 games
    • 200-300 people: 5-6 games
    • 300 or more: 6+ games
  • Note that the number of games suggested above, can include toonie toss and other smaller games, so by no means are we suggesting that you rent 6 games off of us.  Most people tend to rent 3-4 from us as they might have a Pie in the Face, Guess the Bottle Caps in a jar, etc.
  • You just don’t want people to be bored, but you also don’t want too many options.  The more options you have, the more people you need to help run them!
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