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Hold your Raffle Tickets securely in our Raffle Containers for Raffle Draws, Door Prizes, or 50/50 Draws.  Half of your guests’ tickets are kept with them, and half of their ticket goes into a Raffle Container. They are 6 inches high and hold up to 1000 tickets.  The more you rent, the cheaper they are per container!  For every 15 containers, you save another $3.

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Most people will have a Prize Table with all of their prizes lined up on them, and this is where our Raffle Containers come into play. Then in front of each prize, sit our Raffle Containers. As your guests check out the prizes, they put their raffle tickets into the Raffle Container that is associated with the prize. This way if they win, they do not get stuck with an unwanted prize.

They come in various colours and designs and are light weight so your volunteers can carry them while selling tickets from person to person.  They stand 6″ high and are 5.5″ diameter.

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Dimensions18 × 18 × 72 in


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