Jack and The Bean Toss

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Jack and The Bean Toss is easy for all ages and you can use this game in so many different scenarios, from Stag & Doe’s to children’s parties.  Each hole is assigned a point value and the further away the hole, the higher the value of points.  Tally up people’s scores to see who wins! If you want more info on this game before deciding to book it, CLICK HERE.

Scroll down to choose your Type of Event, see what is included (comes with a matching sign!), and finally add this to the cart.

Product Quantity

Type of Event

Let us know the Type of Event you are holding, so that we can offer you what you need!

  • Stag & Doe / Stag Stag & Doe / Stag
  • Casino Night Casino Night
  • Company / Office Company / Office
  • Fundraiser Fundraiser
  • Birthday Birthday
  • Friends / Family Party Friends / Family Party
  • Wedding Wedding
  • Tradeshow Tradeshow

How Many Boards?

Decide if you want solo play, or doubles play. Get a second board for only $15 extra.

  • 1 Board (Solo / Singles Play) 1 Board
  • 2 Boards (Doubles Play) 2 Boards

Bean Bags

Three bean bags are provided and are the perfect weight and size for your Jack & The Bean Toss game (unless you are playing doubles in which case you will be provided with a fourth bean bag).  Colours may vary.


Matching Sign

This is a 20" x 36" vinyl sign advertising your game for your guests.  Just fill in the blanks!

$$ Suggestion: $5 for 3 bean bags. Points can equal tickets, so tape on a Pop Ticket, Grand Prize Ticket, Beer Ticket, etc.
Prize Suggestion:
 Highest score can win entrance to a sporting event.

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Jack and The Bean Toss is exactly the same as the Cornhole game that you might be familiar with.  We just liked our name better so called it that!  The other difference is we added two more holes to make it more exciting.  Other than that, it’s basically Cornhole.  Three to four bean bags come with the game, so your guests will have several attempts to try and sink the bean bag into one of the three targets on the raised platform.

Each target is labeled a point value so keep track of everyone’s scores throughout the night.  You can rent our Dry Erase Board to help if you would like. We like this game because of the simplicity of it, how easy it is to transport, and how it can be used at so many types of events, for so many different age groups.  Jack and the Bean Toss is very versatile and a great price!  It folds together to fit into practically any vehicle, and there is really no explanation required to play.  Bean bag toss games are well known and everyone understands how to play.  Throw the bean bag towards the hole without any demonstration – simple!  Make sure to decide if you would like to rent 1 or 2 Jack and the Bean Toss games.


Here are the dimensions of this product:

  • Weight = 27 lbs
  • Length = 48″
  • Width = 24″
  • Depth = 4″

When is Pick up and Drop off?

After booking your rentals, you can CLICK HERE to book your Pick up and Drop off Time within 7 days of your event.

Pick up Drop off

3 Variations of this Game

We have some recommendations that will help you understand how this game is played.  We have 3 variations to this game, and it depends on how big of an interest this game will have.


  • Doubles Play (4 people at a time)
  • Singles Play (2 people at at time)
  • Solo Play (1 person at a time)

See the following tabs for an explanation of these 3 variations and how to make a profit off of them if it is a Fundraiser, and choose the best option for you!

How to Play and Make a Profit - DOUBLES

How to Play Doubles

  • This requires you to rent TWO Jack and The Bean Toss games so that you can have a competition between teams
  • Place each board approximately 30 feet apart from each other.
  • Four players are split into two teams.
  • One member from each team pitches from one platform and the other members pitch from the other platform.
  • The first side of players alternate pitching bags until both players have thrown all four of their bags
  • Then the players pitching from the opposing board continue to alternate in the same manner until all four of their bags are delivered
  • First team to reach 1000 points will win!

How to Make a Profit with Doubles

  • Charge $5 per person, so after 4 players join to make up 2 teams, that will be $20 made for the Fundraiser
  • After you determine the team that won, take note that they won, and keep going with other teams competing
  • Nearing the end of the night, see which team had the best score, and they get to take home 1/4 of the money made! For instance, if you had 10 rounds of teams playing, that is $200 made.  The team with the highest score gets to earn 1/4 of that money ($50) back, so they each keep $25, and the other $150 goes towards the Fundraiser
  • Or if you don’t think that you will have over 5 rounds, keep the profit made on the game, and give away a gift card to a restaurant / LCBO, or another donated gift to the winning team.

How to Play and Make a Profit - SINGLES

How to Play Singles

  • Two players play against each other.
  • Delivery is handled in the same manner as doubles play (see above)
  • Both competitors pitch from the same platform and alternate their pitches until all of their bags have been pitched
  • The first person to reach 500 points (if you want fast rounds) or 1000 points (if you have more time) wins!

How to Make a Profit with Singles

  • Charge each player a $5 entry fee
  • The winner of each game can win 10 Free Raffle Tickets plus a chance to be in the tournament
  • Take note of who won the round
  • At the end of the night, invite all of the winners into a tournament
  • They will again compete to see who can get to 500 first
  • The grand prize winner will win something big – such as a gift card to a restaurant, LCBO, sporting event, etc.

How to Play and Make a Profit - SOLO

How to Play Solo

  • This game is just when one person at a time is playing at any given time.
  • They get 3 bean bags to throw, and they are aiming for one of the 3 targets in the board
  • Notice that the board has different point values
  • After throwing all 3 bean bags, add up their points.
  • Make sure you have line of tape on the floor so they know where to stand and see who can get the highest score of the night!

How to Make a Profit with Solo

  • Charge $5 for 3 bean bags
  • This is when our Sign will come in handy as it is made for Solo Play.
  • Here is how you can label the sign:
    • 0-75 points: win 1 free raffle ticket
    • 76-150 points: win 1 free grand prize ticket
    • 151 – 300 points: 1 free drink ticket
    • 300+ points: $5 Tim Hortons card.
  • For the highest score of the evening, that person could win tickets to a sporting event, a donated prize you received, or a gift card to a restaurant, etc.

What Kind of Vehicle do I need?

We have highlighted what NOT to bring in Red as we doubt it will fit, and we highlighted our recommended vehicle(s) in Green.   Of course this is only a guideline but we are just giving you our honest opinion based on what we have seen over the years.  We do this day in and day out, so have a really good idea at what will work:

  • Compact Car
  • Large Car
  • Small SUV
  • Large SUV
  • Pick up Truck
  • Minivan

How to Prepare for Pick up

We have highlighted in Green what you may want to bring with you so that you are well prepared.  If bringing a car, you might need to remove car seats and not have any passengers in case you need to fold your back seats down.

  • Bungee Cords
  • Tie-downs
  • 1 Blanket
  • 2 Blankets

How Heavy is this to Transport

A common question is to ask how heavy a product is, so that people know how many others they may need to bring to help lift this into their vehicle. With this product, one person is all you need!  It is very light weight so you will be fine.

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  7. Sarah

    This game did pretty good at our stag and doe! It didn’t make a ton of money compared to the other games we rented, but people had a lot of fun with it. I’m still glad we rented it and I wouldn’t have replaced it with something else. Easy to set up and fun to use

    (0) (0)
    • jackofallspades

      Yes this is a very simple game to run and set up. Always a crowd pleaser, but it usually will not the biggest money maker of the night. It’s more of an entertainment type game, but it will always make you a profit of some sort nonetheless. Thanks Sarah!

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