Golf Putt Challenge

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Let your guests take the Golf Putt Challenge and see who can get a hole in one. If you have lots of great golfers, see which one person can get the most hole in one’s throughout the night! Scroll down to see what is included, or if you want more info first, CLICK HERE to see the answers to these questions:

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9 Foot Green

This 9 foot long green will fold up into a box for easy travelling (23" x 16"x 4").  It has a kickback option so that once you sink the ball, it will return it to you!

Putters × 2

This Putting Game comes with a left and right putter.  Can't neglect those lefties out there!

Golf Balls × 3

You will receive 3 golf balls with this game.

Matching Sign – optional

Rent this 20" x 36" vinyl sign - just fill in the blanks with a dry erase marker - huge time saver! We suggest that you write $2 for one ball, or $5 for 3 balls. And then write in what your prize would be (driving range gift card, golf cart rental + green fee, free golf balls, etc)

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Are you looking for a fun Golf Game, but don’t know which one to choose? Our Golf Putt Challenge is a simple golf game and is super easy to set up. It comes in a box, and you simply just unroll the green and off you go! It does come with a left or right putter, and 3 balls for your guests to have 3 chances to sink that beloved ball. Nine feet is a long enough range to make it somewhat challenging, and most of our greens have a kickback option where it will shoot the ball back to you after sinking it in, so less work for you in not having to chase the balls! We recommend that you have some competitions throughout the night to see who can get the most hole in one’s, and have a prize related to golf. This is an easy game which should not intimidate guests to try it, as there are no bumps, twists or turns – just a straight easy green! Give this Golf Putt Challenge a try, it is only a $30 rental!


Here are the dimensions of this product when rolled in its box:

  • Length = 16″
  • Width = 23″
  • Depth = 4″

When you unroll it, the green itself is 108″ long.

How to Play This Game

We have some recommendations that will help you understand how this game is played.  We recommend that you allow your guest to choose between a left or right putter.  We also give you the option of hockey sticks as this is much more challenging!  They will receive 3 golf balls, so 3 chances to sink the ball into the hole, 9 feet away.  Most of these games come with an automatic kickback so no need to walk over to the hole and bend over to retrieve it once you have sunk it!

How to PROFIT with This Game

We have some excellent tips on how to profit with this game, if you are using it at a Fundraiser.  We recommend that you charge each player $3 for one ball or $5 for three balls. Keep track of who is able to get the most hole in one’s throughout the night, and if you find that people are getting more than one hole in one after 3 attempts, then change the rules to say whoever can get the most hole in one’s with 3 balls, win enter a tournament later on that night. Their name can go on a list where they will later play against others who scored the same. This encourages people to stay to see the tournament, as well as to keep trying to get into the tournament.

Winner of the tournament may take a percentage of all winnings, or what we would even more suggest, would be a golf related prize.  A great prize to go along with this game, is a free Golf Cart Rental and Green Fees to a local golf course, some free golf balls, or something Golf related.  If you know someone that knows someone that works at a golf course or is a preferred member, perhaps they can entice the golf course to donate that prize.

What Kind of Vehicle do I need?

This is rolled into a travel box, so any vehicle will do. Wanna bring a truck?  Go ahead!  But a 2 seater convertible will do too 😉

How to Prepare for Pick up

You do not need to do anything to prepare for pickup.  This is incredibly light weight and does not require any blankets.


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