How to Assemble a Fundraiser Committee

How to Assemble a Fundraiser Committee

So how many people are needed to plan a Fundraiser? This is not something you want to do alone!  You definitely need to start by getting a Fundraiser Committee of people together (perhaps the wedding party, family members, or close friends) to help organize the Fundraiser as it is way too much work for one or even two people.  Choose people who have maybe done this before for another friend or family member and know what to do.  Choose people that YOU have helped before at their event.  Choose people that are responsible and helpful and that you know will have your back and are happy to help.  There might be some people that you will ask to be a part of your Committee, but that you know won’t do squat!  That is just the way it is as some people are quite selfish.  Sometimes however, they just underestimate how much you really need their help, and they won’t really understand the importance of a team effort until its their turn to hold one for themselves.

Some people are lucky and have people lining up to help, but others have a harder time.  If you are the first person to get married out of your friends’ group, the others will not yet understand what is entailed and won’t really get how much work and help is needed to make it successful.  They may not grasp that the bridal party is supposed to do the majority of ticket sales and other running around and planning.  Sorry about this!  It is very frustrating to be stuck with all the work, and many of our clients complain about this.  So it is up to you to tell people what their jobs are (in a kind way of course).

Pick an appropriate method of updating your Fundraiser Committee Members – whether it be over email, meeting in person once per week, creating a Facebook page, etc.  We like the Facebook page because you can see when people have read things, you can see what others write, you can easily attach pictures, you can create events for meetings, etc.

For your first meeting, make a list of EVERYTHING that you will need to do (by following our handy guide of course), and start delegating.  Please take people up on their offers to help, you will need it!  A lot of people want to help but don’t know what to do to be helpful – so tell them!  Sometimes you will have to be upfront when asking for help, but in the long run, their help will be very useful.

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