Delegating Jobs for your Volunteers

Delegating Jobs for your Volunteers

You definitely cannot do this alone so you need to recruit lots of help!  Delegate as much as you can.  We find that people want to help, they just don’t know how.  So if you can assign certain jobs for people, they will feel helpful and confident that they know what to do. Or if you don’t feel comfortable dictating what you need people to do, instead give them a list of 3 or 4 things and ask which one they can help with.

These volunteers should be people you can trust (probably family, coworkers, or close friends), as they will be handling a lot of cash. You might want to consider giving them free entrance to the event and maybe 1 or 2 free drinks. Ask them not to indulge in alcohol until they are off the clock especially if they are handling money. We offer Dealers to run the games for you – just ask us for a quote.

Most importantly, you need to create a schedule!  It will state when your helpers will arrive, when certain games are going to begin and finish, who is running them, who is the backup, when the food will be served, when last call is, who is taking the games home, who is packing up the food, etc.

You may want to post this schedule the night of the event for the volunteers so that everyone can stick to it. Keep in mind that these volunteers will want to have fun as well so give them some free time to enjoy the party.

You will need helpers to:

  • Get donations
  • Wrap prizes
  • Make signs
  • Sell tickets
  • Organize FB Event page
  • Pick up the games from us
  • Set up the games
  • Organize seating & tables
  • Get munchies on all the tables and replenish during the night
  • Run the games + relief workers for the games
  • Sell the drinks (if needed)
  • Sell raffle tickets & jello shooters (walking around the room selling)
  • Collect admission tickets and money for draws
  • Do some food prep
  • Serve the food on the buffet table
  • Clear the plates
  • Someone to keep everyone on task
  • People to set up your music and take care of that (if you did not hire a DJ)
  • Run the raffle table
  • Look after the cash that will begin to pile up!
  • Load all the empties and extra food and drink into a vehicle
  • Pack up the games, load them into a vehicle
  • Bring back the games

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