How Much People Make at Fundraisers

how much do people make at fundraisers

The age old question we are always asked is how much people make at Fundraisers? We got the inside scoop because year after year, our clients tell us! We have had people break even from their Fundraiser (OUCH!) and we have had several people make just under $30,000.  The people who broke even (honestly maybe we have met 5 over the past 12 years) obviously did not plan this out too well, and obviously did not follow Jack of all Spades’ suggestions.  ? CLICK HERE to see those suggestions by the way.

The ones that made over $20k, did well with pre selling tickets, perhaps offered a dinner so charged more for the tickets, and had some pretty big booze drinkers.  The games obviously contributed to their success but it was probably more of a booze fest from what we have heard from clients when your profits are that high.

We estimate the average to be somewhere between $2500 – $6000 in profit.  How much have the games contributed to that number?  Nobody has ever been able to tell us!  It is such a chaotic night with so many people helping at once that you cannot possibly break it down that finely unless you are a total control freak lol.  We do know what are the generally profitable and popular ones, and those you can find in our Packages.

If you only end up making $100 off the games, just remember that you have provided your guests with entertainment, which kept them happier and there longer spending money on other things like booze and raffle tickets.  However we highly recommend referring to that list of suggestions, which will definitely maximize your profits.

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