What are Obstacle Fees?

obstacle fee

We need to know what we are walking into before delivering. For instance, we would need to be able to schedule enough time to climb 4 flights of stairs, if that is your situation. That is a lot of extra work and time required, and we need to be prepared. Or if we have to take an elevator – we have to load it all in, take it up to the particular floor, unload it all one by one, etc. Also very time consuming. Obstacles just add on to the time that it takes to do your Delivery, and our Delivery personnel are paid by the hour. This is why it is important to ask so that we can schedule it in! We take pride in arriving on time for your Delivery, and if our last Delivery held us up for an extra 45 minutes because we were not made aware of these Obstacles, then that is not too fair to you. So during the booking process, you will be asked the question about Obstacles, and now you know why!

Here are some examples of Obstacles:

  • Parking Issues
  • Long walk from Entrance
  • Elevators or Escalators
  • Narrow Space to Maneuver
  • Stairs

Itemized Obstacle Fee Charges

Each game will be subjected to the following Obstacle Fees:

Unloading Situation

  • $0 Unload at Entrance
  • $4 Unload in Parking Lot
  • $5 Unload in Street Parking
  • $5 Unload in Loading Dock

Walking Distance

  • $0 Room is right inside entrance
  • $2 Small Distance to walk
  • $5 Somewhat of a long distance to walk

Stairs / Elevator / Escalator

  • $0 None
  • $0 – 1-3 Steps to climb
  • $5 – 1 x Flight of Stairs to Climb
  • $7 – 2 x Flights of Stairs to Climb
  • $9 – 3 x Flights of Stairs to Climb
  • $3 Freight Elevator
  • $5 Elevator
  • $5 Escalator

As an example, if we have to unload at the loading dock, have a somewhat long distance to walk, and have 3 flights of stairs to climb, there will be a charge of $19. If you have 3 games, the Obstacle charge will be $19 x 3 = $57. Note that a charge of $19 is the most you will ever pay per game, but most people’s total is $0 for Obstacles to be quite honest.

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