Which Hall to Rent once you see them in Person?

Which Hall to Rent once you see them in Person?

Once you narrow down a few halls to go check out after making the phone calls and getting your answers, now it is time to see them in person.  Let us help you decide which Hall to Rent, now that you have done all your preliminary research.

Make sure that you get a tour of their kitchen.. You can tell a lot about the place judging by the cleanliness of the hall’s food preparation area. Everything must appear clean and organized, do not be afraid to open a fridge or two. Ask for references from previous events catered by this hall if you are using their catering services.

Also check out their bathrooms, as this speaks volumes. Is there soap and paper towels in both the men’s and women’s washrooms? Do the washrooms look and smell clean? It seems obvious, but many people forget to look for these things. You want your guests to feel welcome, have some good food, and feel like they are in a clean environment so that they will stay alllllll night and spends lottttts of money!

Some halls have different sized rooms to choose from. The hall has to make sure that they obey all fire codes and their hall will accommodate your party size, so be honest with your number of guests you expect to come. You want your guests to feel comfortable in the room, and when a room of 100 people feels like 20, then your room is too big, and people will be less likely to go play games or dance since they will feel too self-conscious. On the other hand, when the room is filled with 20 people but it feels like 100, then the room is too small, and people will feel closed in and will not want to stay and keep spending money.

Take the hall’s advice, as they will know by experience what room may be most suitable for you. Remember, if a hall holds 200, you should be okay if your expected number of guests is 250, as many guests will only stay a couple of hours and some may not come at all.  Go with your gut instinct, and choose a location that is central to where the majority of your guests will travel to.  Don’t choose a remote location just because it was cheap.  You will lose out big time if it is not convenient.

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