What if a Game Doesn’t Work?

What if a Game Doesn't Work

Ok, so this picture of a broken chair is not part of our inventory, but we thought that the pic went well with this page ūüėČ If a Game doesn’t work, we will make it right. We go to great lengths to make sure that all of our equipment is in working order before it gets to you. We inspect and clean every item after a customer has finished with it.

After you have received your items, have a good inspection of all parts.  It is best to point this out before you even load it into your car, but we know you may be distracted with the actual event planning and not even notice.

If you notice anything later on while setting your games up, it is best to give us a call asap and send a pic of whatever you have found. Or even FaceTime us if you have an iPhone by CALLING US to show us in action, so that we may help you get it working.  It is a rental company after all, and people are rough with our items, so our games are bound to need repairs from time to time.  It is possible we may already know about the issue and have a work around, or perhaps it happened to you while in transit.

Either way, it is definitely best to call us asap rather than wait until you bring it back 3 days later to tell us that you did not even use it.  There is nothing we can do for you at this point, and there will not a refund if you did not allow us to try and resolve the problem for you.

If after helping you over the phone we were not able to fix your problem, we will wherever possible offer to substitute it with something else that is comparable for you, and you can come and make the switch or if we are able to, will come there to do switch.  In some cases, we may offer you a refund, but that our discretion to make that choice. We will decide if we believe that you were the one that actually caused the damage, and if the game left our showroom in working condition. We have cameras too that we can check.

Probably won’t ever be an issue, so do not let this worry you, but we put it here just in case!

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