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Package Signage

Ticket Packages are the most common way to sell tickets at Fundraisers now. People have gotten so creative and have come with some great ways to sell Packages. Here is an example of a local girl who put together these Packages. This kind of pricing is very common, but you can change it around however you want!

This trend has people offering 3 types of Packages at a Fundraiser:

  1. Couples
  2. Singles
  3. DD’s

Obviously the Couples Package will be the most enticing and will include the liquor tickets, but don’t leave out the Singles! And of course the DD’s need their own package, so we agree with this kind of pricing and try to promote this way of thinking. It encourages people to spend more than they might have originally, but it is easy for them to make decisions too. People want to go once, buy a Package, then sit down. They don’t want to keep going up to buy one ticket at at time whenever they need it. We really cannot see any downfalls with offering Ticket Packages. We just encourage you to be fair in your pricing and not overcharge by being greedy. You want people to feel like they are getting a deal, which is the way you are supposed to feel when you buy a Package deal. Now lets take a closer look:

Couples Package

This is what we have seen as being a common Couples Package, and we have seen them for somewhere between $40 – $60. We think this is a fair offering and it is the most popular package purchased.

  • 4 beer tickets
  • 2 refreshment tickets
  • 4-6 grand prize tickets
  • 2 penny sale sheets (or 2 arms lengths of Raffle Tickets)

Singles Package

The Singles will have about half the amount offered in a Couples Package, and it would be about half the price, plus a tiny bit more. It is common to see the Singles Packages for around $25 – $35. It might include:

  • 2-3 beer tickets
  • 1 refreshment ticket (optional)
  • 2 grand prize tickets
  • 1 penny sale sheet (or an arms length of Raffle Tickets)

DD Package

This Package won’t have any alcoholic beverage tickets and will be the cheapest package offered. We commonly see this Package listed for between $15 – $25. It might include:

  • 2-3 refreshment tickets
  • 2-3 grand prize tickets
  • 1 penny sale sheet (or an arms length of Raffle Tickets)

Nevertheless, having Ticket Packages is a great way to earn more money.  Otherwise, a couple may approach the booth, and just get 2 beer tickets, 1 grand prize ticket, and 1 penny sale sheet only.  So you are definitely encouraging people to buy more by offering Packages! Important Note: You cannot specifically say that they end up getting a free beer by getting a package.  Instead you must be careful by saying that the liquor prices have not been discounted somewhere on your sign.

Separate Signage

You will also want to have a separate sign advertising what they are per ticket, because some people are just more comfortable with that. Or they might have already bought a Package and just need 1 more drink. So make sure that is clearly outlined on a sign right next to it, how much you are selling per refreshment ticket, liquor ticket, beer ticket, penny sale sheet, or raffle ticket, or even game ticket. Just make sure you are not discounting drinks, as that is illegal (buy 1 drink ticket for $5 or 5 drinks for $20).

Here are some ideas (and have a pic of the ticket beside it as people are visual):

  • Liquor Ticket: $5 (if in Hamilton region, $4 if in Niagara region, $6 if in Halton region)
  • Refreshment Ticket: $2
  • Raffle Ticket: $10 for 5 tickets, $15 for arms length, $20 for wing span
  • Penny Sale Sheet: $10
  • 50/50 Tickets: 5 for $5, or 15 for $10
  • Grand Prize Ticket: $5 each or 3 for $10

Keep it Simple!

Just don’t confuse people with having too many options, or don’t confuse them by being too wordy or having a busy sign. Keep in mind that a confused mind says NO and will instead opt for the simplest thing, and therefore you could lose out on potential profit!

If you have some different ideas on pricing, make some comments below!

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