How to Write a Donation Letter Request

How to Write a Donation Letter Request
  • First of all, do not hand write your Donation Letter Request!  
  • Type it up and print in advance.  
  • Keep it in your car and when you are in the area, drop it off!  
  • Give to your committee members too if they live close to the location.

Step by Step Instructions on what your Letter should say:

should be addressed to their company name / person’s name – don’t make a generic one that you hand out to everyone

  • ie) To: Manager/Owner of Boston Pizza

include a picture of the person the Fundraiser is for, or a company logo on its letterhead if a Corporate Event

  • coloured picture is best!

who and what the Fundraiser is for (if different)

  • This letter is to request a donation for myself (first and last name) and my fiancé (first and last name) to use at our Stag & Doe (or insert type of Fundraiser) that we can use to raffle off for our Prize Table

say something unique about your sitaution

  • I can appreciate that you get a lot of donation requests, but we hope that you consider our circumstance a bit different. (insert your story in one sentence. Here is an example – My fiancé and I met in high school and we have been dating for the past 12 years. He has been overseas for work and has finally moved back to Ontario so we we have decided that now is the right time to tie the knot and start our new journey together!)

what type of donation you are looking for

  • Specifically, we are hoping that your company is either able to donate a $50 gift card, a free service, or a gift that we use to raffle off, however we would be grateful for whatever it is that you are able to donate!

when the event is

  • Our event is being held on (insert date with year)

where the event is

  • at the (insert hall name with city)

how many you expect to show up (be realistic and don’t inflate the number!)

  • We have already invited (insert number of people) and are expecting approximately (insert number of people) to attend our event in person

why you thought of this particular company

  • We love your company because we love (insert reason – your prices, your location, your staff, your line of products, etc. But be specific)

your favourite product

  • We especially love your (insert item that they sell that you legitimately enjoy. Google their company to get specifics and to spell things right, and don’t sound too general)

how you anticipate people will react to their gift card/prize, etc.

  • We know this will be a popular prize to win because (insert your reason such as – there will be a lot of golfers there, there are lots of people with young children in attendance, lots of moms who love wine, etc)

show your appreciation

  • We would be so grateful for whatever it is that you can to do help us out

how they can contact you – give several options (text, email, phone)

  • Please contact me anytime by text/call (905-555-5555) or by email (

tell them you will follow up if you don’t hear from them

  • If I do not hear from you within the next week, I will be following up with you as I am so excited about the prospect of using your product/service for a prize!

put your name down and sign

  • Thank you for your time, (insert name & then sign below)

Other Tips:

  • Staple an actual ticket of the Fundraiser to accompany it – it just shows it is more legitimate.
  • Do not make your letter sound vague (I am requesting a donation) but instead be straight to the point and clearly state what you want (I am requesting a gift certificate for $50).
  • Do not make it too generic like this one (I am asking for a donation to my stag and doe and appreciate your help). Boring!  Make yours stand out because they literally get these weekly if not daily, so make yours stand out from the rest, so they remember you.  Make it personal with something they can relate to you about.  Talk about how you and your hubby met if it is a romantic story, the kids you have, how much you love shopping there, or a memory of the first time you purchased from them, or a favourite product that you cannot live without.  Add a picture of you with your spouse or kids, as it is makes it much more personal.
  • Just remember you are in competition with a LOTTTTT of others, so make your letter and story special.
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