How Much of a Deposit is Required to Book?

How Much of a Deposit is Required to Book

We require 100% of your rental to be paid up front, in order to reserve the items you would like. With that said, if your order is over $1000, the system automatically offers you a chance to just pay 50% now, and then you will pay the remaining balance two weeks prior to your event. There are no exceptions to this rule, and it is only offered if you have a larger order of $1000+.

Note that your deposit is non-refundable so if you have questions, please ask before booking.

If you cancel your event, then any money paid towards your rental, can be applied towards a future rental down the road but unfortunately no refunds will be given, no matter what the reason.

We encourage people to do their due diligence prior to booking ie)knowing where pick up is, knowing our pick up times, if they have a vehicle that will be large enough to pick up the games, etc.

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