Security Deposit

Below you can choose your Event Date (note that you can only do within 5 days of your event). By submitting your credit card information, you understand how this all works.

Basically, you are agreeing to allow Jack of all Spades to take a Security Deposit from your Credit Card. You are not actually being charged this amount, but instead your credit card company will withhold this pre-authorized amount from your monthly credit limit as it sits in limbo. It will stay as a “pending charge” for 7 days. It will be automatically released back to you after 7 days, once everything is returned in the same condition. Please CLICK HERE if you want to learn more

Make sure to click on that Drop Down Menu, choose your order size, and then select your Event Date. After this step, you can select your Pick up & Drop off Times!

**If your date is not shown, you are doing this too early! Come back within 5 days of your event date**

Enter Credit Card Details