Who has to pay for the Damage or Lost Items?

Who has to pay for the Damage or Lost Items?

We understand how hard it is to rely on other people to help you with delicate matters, especially when a Securit Deposit is involved.  Time and time again, people return their games with missing items because their helpers at the party didn’t know it belonged to Jack of all Spades and threw it out.  Or their buddy loaded the games in the car for them but then put a hole in one of the games because of carelessness.  Or used a permanent marker on one of our game rental signs, while helping to write in the price to be charged.  Or brought it back 3 days late because they were busy and didn’t think it would be a big deal.  And the list goes on and on!

These people are not trying to make your life difficult, but it happens often unfortunately.  Whoever’s name is on the invoice, is ultimately responsible for looking after the items at all times.  Whoever’s credit card we have for the security deposit is ultimately responsible for paying for damaged or missing items.

With that said, if you FIND the missing item, then please call us!  We would love to have the item back and this is far more important to us than to charge you a replacement fee.  We will offer you a refund for the fee we charged you if the item has been returned to us in the same condition in which it was received.

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