How to Run a Casino Night Fundraiser?

how to run a casino night fundraiser

It can be overwhelming to understand how to run a Casino Night Fundraiser, especially if you have not done this before, or if you don’t gamble!  If you are using actual money on the tables to bet with, then this section does not apply to you! If you were thinking of providing people with chips as they enter the hall, then you are in the right place.

Many people think that giving people a stack of 100 chips each is an excellent idea.  And in theory, it makes sense.  But logistically it is a nightmare.  Carrying around a bunch of chips is not easy – you can put them in your pockets, or put them in a cup and carry them around, but it is not so simple.  Plus have you considered how many chips you would need to rent from us? Even if you wanted 50 per person… if you have 100 people coming, that is 5,000 chips so you would have to rent 17 cases of chips from us costing you around $190 just in chips!

Plus what are the chances that all 5,000 chips will make its way back into the cases before the night is done?  VERY SLIM! Which means more charges for you. Let us show you an easier way.

Our recommendation:

Instead give everyone ONE Poker Chip as they enter, or you can use ONE Raffle Ticket. This chip or ticket will be a different colour than anything else there at your event so no cheating can take place. They will take this chip or ticket to a PitBoss or someone that you have nominated in charge of this, and exchange this in for maybe 10 chips. These chips would be a high denomination of black and red lets say, rather than 50 white chips. If you use our Dealers and Pit Bosses, you will appreciate the fact that they will take care of this exchange of chips and tickets on your behalf and figure out how much to give each person. 

Your guest will take one of these higher denomination chips and exchange them for smaller denomination of chips at the actual Casino Tables when they are ready to play. When they are done playing, the Dealer will exchange them back in for higher denomination chips so again they are not carrying around 50-100 chips each. Make sense?

At the end of the night, you need to make sure that people return their remaining chips back to the Dealers and do not go home with them (or you will incur charges!). A way to encourage this, is to have people exchange their remaining chips in for Raffle Tickets. The more chips they have, the more Raffle Tickets they get, thus encouraging them to do well at the Fundraiser too! They can take these Raffle Tickets and rip them in half. They will keep one half of the ticket and put the other half in a Raffle Drum. Spin the Raffle Drum and draw a ticket out, and this person will win a Prize that you have picked out.

Makes sense?  We think so.  So this is how we run things when you use our Dealers, and if you don’t use our Dealers, we recommend you still adopt this method. When booking one of our Casino Night Packages, we send you your invoice detailing what you ordered. There will be a link there to help you decide how to run your night, and will give you tips on whether to use blue chips or monopoly money.

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