How much is the Transportation Fee?

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If you have added on Set up & Teardown which is $20 per game, you will then be prompted to enter in your Delivery Address while in the checkout. A Transportation Fee will be added to your cart after entering in this address. The calculation is simple – it is $2.50 per km from our showroom, to your location. Keep in mind that when broken down, this is more like $0.63/km each way, as we have to travel to your location, back to our shop, to your location, and back to our shop again. We are not like other Delivery companies where they can get a large trailer and do 30 deliveries in your city that day. We are only going specifically for your event and might only have 1 or 2 other deliveries the whole week.

What does this Transportation Fee include?

The bulk of this fee will cover our Delivery Personnel’s time as much of their time will be spent packing/unpacking your order, as well as loading/unloading your order onto our trucks. Then there is all the time spent on the road as they go to your location, back to our shop, to your location and back to our shop again. It also covers for Fuel Charges and upkeep to our vehicles. Additionally, depending on how large your event is, sometimes we need to rent special equipment or a larger vehicle to fit all of your games into one load. This Transportation fee will cover all of this.

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