How to Sell the most Raffle Tickets at my Event?

Raffle Tickets

We hate to say it but if you must know how to sell the most Raffle Tickets at your event… but we are just going to say it.  Specifically choose some good looking men and women to sell these tickets.  Terrible isn’t it?  So shallow!  But it works.  Ev..ery..time.

Make sure they charm, smile, and hustle for best results. It is good to have a few different colours of Raffle Tickets too, because one girl can have the red tickets, and one girl can have the blue tickets. When the red ticket girl sells tickets to a group of people, the blue ticket girl can come around and ask them to buy tickets from her. When your guests say that they already have some, the blue ticket girl can say, “but you do not have my colour,” with a pouty look on her – works every time!

Typical pricing would be 3 tickets for $5, an arms length for $10, or a wing span for $20! Another good option is to also offer $15 for a hug, which means that a pretty girl will hold the tickets in her hands and will hug your guest. When her hands meet around their waist, then that is how many tickets they get. Guys are a sucker for this!

So we recognize how awful these tips are when trying to decide how to sell the most raffle tickets, but just trust us when we say it works.

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