Popular Game Rental Business for Sale

We are selling a thriving and popular Game Rental Company that services the following regions:

  • Niagara
  • Hamilton
  • Halton
  • Brant
  • Waterloo
  • GTA

If you are located in any of these regions, it will likely flourish!

Jack of all Spades is a WELL established business with an outstanding reputation carrying a 4.9 google rating with 141 reviews, along with hundreds of product reviews on our website.

Since opening in 2007, it continually makes consistent sales each year, all year, with many returning happy customers.

Our customers do 90% of our advertising through word of mouth!

Run it as a side hustle or make into a full time business – your choice.

Without any advertising in 2024, we still brought in 275 customers who rented games for their:

This business is FULLY automated and will be a TURNKEY operation where you will have customers booking through your automated and optimized website the moment you take over.

It comes with all of the games, accessories, supplies, as well an automated, SEO optimized website.

We will provide an inventory list when you come meet with us in person at our location. Note that we carry are over 175 different types of rentals.

It will take you around 10 hours a week to run it the way it is RIGHT NOW.

If you wish to grow it and can dedicate more than 10 hours per week, it has MASSIVE potential for growth!

You could easily double your annual sales by:

  • doing some local advertising
  • engaging with your audience through social media platforms
  • offering a delivery service to everyone vs. just for the larger events
  • widening your product options and services
  • enhancing the current selection of games
  • increasing your prices which haven’t been increased in over 10 years

Raising the prices of the rentals is a simple fix which will increase your sales dramatically as we are definitely underpriced. Just take a look here and you will see how cheap these rentals are:

Your fully automated website will do all the work for you!

It will:

  • take all orders for you
  • take credit card payments online
  • take security deposits
  • book all appointments on your behalf
  • give tips and dimensions and answer all FAQs

Your job will be to:

  • keep equipment maintained
  • greet customers for pick up/ drop off
  • deliver games to clients for a fee
  • log in and hit “accept” when you see a new order come through
  • reply to emails & phone calls as needed

We offer Dealers to our clients through an affiliate company. You can take this on yourself and find staffing on your own if you want to maximize profits. Or you can just continue on with that relationship that we have built, as we have partnered with a dealer company since 2008. You will get 10% of a cut on all dealer bookings with them. We will share this contact with you as they have been absolute gold to partner with over the past 16 years.


  • We will NOT give information related to the purchase price over the phone or through this ad.
  • The only way to get more information, is to make an appointment at our shop in person.
  • Only serious inquiries only please, as we only want the time slots to be taken by people who are READY to invest.
  • This is a legitimate profitable business, ready to be loved by the next person!


  • book an appointment
  • discuss this opportunity more
  • see the list of inventory
  • see the equipment in person
  • to discuss price…

Please make an appointment to inquire about the purchase of this business:

If you are chosen to be the one that takes over this business, you will begin on July 8, 2024.


If you have already booked with us, or are planning on booking with us, we are NOT going to have any downtime in-between owners. Your order is well protected and it will be a seamless transition.