When Do I get my Security Deposit back?

When Do I get my Security Deposit back

When we take the Security Deposit on your credit card, your bank holds back that amount from your credit limit for a few days.  People are always wanting to know exactly when they might receive their Security Deposit back.  Each bank is different however usually after 3-5 days it will release it back to your credit limit automatically. So we do not actually touch it or have anything to do with releasing it!

If the bank does not hear from us about any charges, then they take care of this on their own. If you return damaged items or you lose something, then your account will be charged that amount and the bank will release the remainder back to you when they are ready.

Who’s Credit Card is used for the Security Deposit for Delivery?

Who's Credit Card is used for the Security Deposit for Delivery

We advise you to read the whole section called Security Deposit from our Rental Agreement, so please CLICK HERE to read our full policy so that you understand correctly.  But in a nutshell, it does not matter who is there upon our arrival, because you will have already filled out the Security Deposit form, which gives us permission to use a credit card.  We find this much easier than trying to arrange the credit card holder to be present when we deliver.  You have enough to worry about that day so we encourage you to fill out this form asap, so that we do not have to track you down the week of!

Please fill out this form ASAP if you have already booked our Delivery Services:

Who’s Credit Card is used for the Security Deposit for Pick up?

Who's Credit Card is used for the Security Deposit for Pick up

We advise you to read our whole page called Security Deposit, so please CLICK HERE to read our full policy so that you understand correctly.  But in a nutshell, the person arriving for pick up must use THEIR PERSONAL Credit Card. So the Credit Card Holder needs to be present upon arrival, and the pick up person cannot use someone else’s card, even if they have a note signed by the card holder, even if they email me saying its ok, even if they are the spouse. No exceptions.

But do not fret! If that is not possible, then we encourage you to have the Credit Card Holder to fill out this form, which gives us permission to use their card, even if they are not here in person.

Do you charge a Damage Deposit?

Do you charge a Damage Deposit

Yes we do charge a Damage Deposit, however we call it a Security Deposit.  The full details about this process can be found in our Rental Agreement, so be sure to read that section!  Every order no matter how big or how small, will be responsible for this Deposit, to cover for any future damage or lost items.


Who has to pay for the Damage or Lost Items?

Who has to pay for the Damage or Lost Items?

We understand how hard it is to rely on other people to help you with delicate matters, especially when a Securit Deposit is involved.  Time and time again, people return their games with missing items because their helpers at the party didn’t know it belonged to Jack of all Spades and threw it out.  Or their buddy loaded the games in the car for them but then put a hole in one of the games because of carelessness.  Or used a permanent marker on one of our game rental signs, while helping to write in the price to be charged.  Or brought it back 3 days late because they were busy and didn’t think it would be a big deal.  And the list goes on and on!

These people are not trying to make your life difficult, but it happens often unfortunately.  Whoever’s name is on the invoice, is ultimately responsible for looking after the items at all times.  Whoever’s credit card we have for the security deposit is ultimately responsible for paying for damaged or missing items.

With that said, if you FIND the missing item, then please call us!  We would love to have the item back and this is far more important to us than to charge you a replacement fee.  We will offer you a refund for the fee we charged you if the item has been returned to us in the same condition in which it was received.

What is the Charge if we Damage Something?

What is the Charge if we Damage Something

That is a very loaded question!  So many factors go into this decision, and note that the decision is ours as to what to do.  If the item you rented was nearing its end before needing to be replaced, then we probably won’t charge you anything.  If the game left our showroom in perfect condition and came back something else, then you can guess that you will be charged.

How much depends on the severity of the damage, if it can be repaired or if it has to be replaced, how well you tried to avoid the damage, etc.

If you pull a blackjack table out of your van and it has a tear in the leather and you claim it was there before, we will check the invoice to see if you signed off saying that it was in perfect condition when you received it.  Also, we can check cameras if we feel we must.  But if you are trying to claim that you did not cause the damage, or that it was there when you got it, there is nothing we can do if you signed off saying it was perfect.  

Also we watch when you load up your vehicle to see if you follow our instructions correctly.  We advise all clients to bring padding and blankets and tie downs and bungee cords if necessary.  If you neglected to do any or some of those things, and instead crammed everything on top of each other while not taking any consideration into protecting the items, then you will most definitely incur a charge. We do have video cameras recording everything too, so that no false accusations can be made on either side. Taking your coat off to use as padding is not what we recommend, and it kills us every time someone offers to do this because they did not read the instructions about bringing protection!!  Sometimes people ask us to borrow our blankets or bungee cords – we used to help out people but we found that 100%… yes 100%… did not bring them back to us, so we stopped that practice.  The onus is on you to protect things will in transit.

This is what the security deposit is for – it covers for mishaps like this.  If we made the security deposit only $50 per order, people would be more likely to be careless.  But by charging a minimum of $250, we are trying to encourage people to take care of our equipment as if it were their own.  We have a list of all fees for replacing items, so all you have to do is ask what the fee is prior to taking it if you wish, and we will fully disclose it to you.

If the damage exceeds the original amount that was pre-authorized on your credit card, we will attempt to charge it to the card provided.  If the proper funds are not available to us, you will be responsible for paying for the damage by e-transfer or cash.  We will give you 3 days after we find out about the damage to pay for it so that we may begin repairs in time for the next customer coming that weekend.