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Casino Night Ideas:

You have come to the right page to get Casino Night ideas! We have some links that you can click on below to skip to that part, but if time is on your side, simply scroll down to read more about these types of parties.

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Casino Nights (just for fun)

There are two types of Casino Night ideas that we can give you.  The “Just for Fun” method is the type of night you hold for your employees, friends, family, etc.  It is just a gathering to celebrate something, but the intent of the night is entertainment.  So they would not actually be betting any money at all but would be given tokens or poker chips or raffle tickets to bet with.  These are the most common type of Casino Nights are are super popular for companies to throw at their year end Christmas Office Parties!

Deluxe Casino Night

Casino Nights (Fundraiser)

What a fun way to get people involved towards a cause!  This is great for sports team fundraisers, cancer fundraisers, or anything that you feel passionate about.  Below we have a fabulous Casino Night FAQ section that will help you decide on which games the best money makers, how many tables you will need based on the number of guests you have coming, etc.

We caution you about Roulette and Craps however – they are fantastic for entertainment but they cannot be run in a way to guarantee yourself a profit like we can do with the wheels, blackjack, and poker.  Most of the time the house is up, but it is not a guarantee.  With that said, almost every Fundraiser still rents the Roulette because of its popularity, so its a gamble. 😉

Deluxe Casino Night

Casino Night Packages

We put together 2 Casino Night Packages and all you need to do is to choose whether you want this Delivered or not.  If you want the Deluxe Tables, you must choose the Delivery Casino Package. Click on one of the icons below to see what is offered within each package. Something for everyone’s budget and lots of discounts are available in both packages.

Deluxe Casino Night

How to Run a Casino Night

Got tons of questions?  Well we are hooking you up with an in-depth guide to planning a successful Casino Night. Check out this link that will answer exactly how to run your Casino Night.

How to Run a Casino Night