birthday party games

Birthday Party Games

We have put together a page for you to navigate through that includes all the info that you would need to know about when it comes to Birthday Party Games. Click on which type of Birthday Party you are holding, and see our recommendations!

Kid's Birthday Party

Kid’s Birthday Party Games

Great to have some entertainment for the little ones. Carrie (the owner of Jack of all Spades) has 7 boys so she of all people can appreciate the fact that you have to keep kids busy. That is why we put together a package of assorted Birthday Inspired Games!

Click on the icon below, and check off the ones that interest you – the good news is that the game suggestions start at $25 so they are well within anybody’s budget.

Adult Birthday Party

Adult’s Birthday Party Games

Stick with any sports related Game Rentals that we offer, and you will provide excellent entertainment for your guests at a Birthday Party intended for adults.

We have developed a Package meant just for Adult Parties, so please click on the icon below to see all of our recommendations, and then just check off which ones interest you the most.

Alternatively, if you are leaning more towards holding a Casino Night Party, then scroll down to the next section.

casino night ideas

Casino Night Birthday Parties

We find that this is a popular trend when holding birthday parties, especially for 40th, 50th, 60th, and 70th Birthday’s! Below are some Packages so take a peak! All you need to do is to choose whether you want this Delivered or not.  If you want the Deluxe Tables, you must choose the Delivery Casino Package. Click on the appropriate icon below to get started.