Tradeshow Game Rentals

Tradeshow Game Rentals

We have two perfect game rentals that will help draw attention to your booth at a Tradeshow! You can use these games to attract new clients, enter a contest, or win prize giveways, etc. Take your pick on these Tradeshow Game Rentals:

Custom Prize Wheels Rentals

Our Prize Wheel is a huge hit at Tradeshows as your potential clients are curious to see what all of the noise is about! YOU decide what you would like the wheel to look like and say. We send you the template for you to customize the wheel to your liking.

This is an example of a 31" Prize Wheel.

Tradeshow Prize Wheel Rental Closeup of a Tradeshow Prize Wheel

These pictures also demonstrate how you can choose to have the wheel stand 6 ft tall, or you can remove the extensions for it to become a tabletop prize wheel. Either way we give you the extension poles and you decide if you want them in or out.

Table Top Prize Wheel Rental Free Standing Prize Wheel Rental

Click here for more information and pricing on our 44" PRIZE WHEELS or 31" PRIZE WHEELS.

Tradeshow Plinko Rentals

Our Plinko is a winner for Vendors at a Tradeshow as it draws potential clients to your booth. We have three sizes for you to choose from, and our largest stands 7 FEET HIGH! Now who would miss that while walking by? At the bottom of the Plinko, you can label it to say things such as: get a free estimate, win a free sample, 10% off your first order, etc. Show stopper at any Tradeshow!

Click here for more information on our PLINKO GAMES

Three Plinkos

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