Buy Rolls of Tickets

Buy Rolls of Tickets


1000 Single Beer Tickets: $5

A necessity for most parties, who does not love beer? If you want to charge a different price for each beer, you can get a couple of different colours.

Beer Tickets Beer Tickets

1000 Single Liquor Tickets: $5

Can be used for shots, mixed drinks, or jello shooters - get different colours to represent each kind of drink.

Liquor Tickets Liquor Tickets

1000 Single Refreshment Tickets: $5

Use these tickets for pop, coffee, water, etc. - get different colours to represent each kind of drink.

Refreshment Tickets Refreshment Tickets


Large Penny Sale Tickets: (prices vary, see below)

These are the simplest way to run a raffle nowaadays! Each person can purchase a sheet of 25 tickets, and they even have a door prize ticket on them should you choose to use it. The reason why these are so simple to use, is your guest will only have to look at one number to see if they won! So rather than going through all numbers if they had purchased several "arms lengths" worth of tickets when your MC is calling our the winning numbers, they just look at one number. Very easy to use, and it makes everything a lot smoother! Most people charge $5 or $10 for a sheet of 25 tickets, and note that these are the larger ones (4" by 9") so they are nice and easy to read!

Penny Sale Tickets Pricing is as follows:

  • 100: $20 ($0.20 each)
  • 200: $28 ($0.14 each)
  • 300: $36 ($0.12 each)
  • 400: $40 ($0.10 each)
  • 500: $42.50 ($0.085 each)
  • 600: $51
  • 700: $59.50
  • 800: $68
  • 900: $76.50
  • 1000: $85
  • 1100: $93.50
  • 1200: $102
  • 1300: $110.50
  • 1400: $119
  • 1500: $127.50

1000 Single Admit One Tickets: $5

These come in a few different colours, so you can have one colour used for the raffle prizes and another colour for the grand prize. If you want to use them for raffle prizes, just tear them in half. Or you can use them as admission to a party, getting a turn at a game, or maybe they will receive them to enter a tournament being held that night - be creative! If you want to be fancy and have a tear away portion, then check out our Double tickets below.

1000 Single 1000 Single

2000 Single Admit One Tickets: $9

Having a large party? Go for the 2000 ticket roll. They come in a few different colours, so you can use them for different things. They will allow people access to something - perhaps your guest is playing PLINKO and a Plinko chip lands in a certain spot, they are given one of these tickets which will allow them a free spin on the CROWN & ANCHOR WHEEL as an example.

2000 Single 2000 Single

1000 Double Admit One Tickets: $9

These have a tearaway portion so one half of the ticket is kept with your guest, and the other half goes into a RAFFLE CONTAINER to win a Raffle Prize.

1000 Double 1000 Double


Raffle Containers: $1 (or get 15 for $12)

If you have Raffle Draws, Door Prizes, or 50/50 Draws, why not rent our Raffle Containers to securely hold the raffle tickets? Half of your guests' tickets are kept with them, and half of their ticket goes into a Raffle Container. Most people will have a Prize Table with all of their prizes lined up on them. Then in front of each prize sit our Raffle Containers. As your guests check out the prizes, they will put their raffle tickets into the Raffle Container that is associated with the prize. This way if they win, they do not get stuck with an unwanted prize. Our Raffle Containers are very durable, are 6 inches high (the picture is deceiving), and are big enough to hold up to 1000 tickets. They come in various colours and designs and are light weight so your volunteers can carry them while selling tickets from person to person.

Raffle Containers

Raffle Drum: $20

Create anticipation of the winning ticket by spinning them in our brand new Brass Raffle Drum! It holds up to 2000 tickets and is very fancy.

Raffle Drum


  • Sell "Ticket Packs" at the door for $25, which may include 1 beer ticket, 1 liquor ticket, 1 jello shooter, an arms length of raffle tickets as an example, and a free try at any game
  • Sell 1 ticket for $2, an arms length of tickets for $10, or a hug of tickets (wrap your arms around the guest) for $20 as an example
  • Get different colours of the same kind of drink ticket ie) red = shot of liquor, blue = jello shooter, yellow = mixed drink, etc.