The Big Wheel Rental

The Big Wheel Rental

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The Big Wheel Description

To add onto our fun "Price Is Right" theme which already has the Plinko and Punch a Bunch, we have recently just added the Big Wheel! This game is smaller than what you see on TV, but it looks pretty darn close!! This wheel is built very solid and has all of the same numbers on the wheel that you would see on TV.

How It Is Played

Your guests will pay a certain amount (maybe $5) to have a chance at spinning the wheel. Just like on TV, they will have up to 2 spins each to find out what points they will get, and then add up their points. They have to make sure that their spin goes around a full circle at least once. After their first spin, they can decide whether they want to stay with their point value, or try to get closer to 100. You cannot go over 100 and if you do, you have lost! The highest score (without going over 100) will be the winner of the game and would win a prize.

Price is Right Package

If you rent our XL PLINKO ($90), PUNCH A BUNCH ($90), and our Big Wheel ($90) this would normally cost you $270, but we are offering this for $235 (a $35 savings). In the event that only our LARGE PLINKO is available, then the price is $220. If only our REGULAR PLINKO is available, the price would be $195. Not likely as we have a ton of these, but just in case you have all of your numbers in front of you! If the Big Wheel or PUNCH A BUNCH is not available, then there are no discounts available.