Customer Testimonials and Reviews

Customer Testimonials & Reviews

If you would like to send us a Testimonial, please do so by emailing us at We would love to hear how your experience was, or what suggestions you may have! Scroll down to see some of the testimonials made my past clients, and also check out our GOOGLE REVIEWS and how high of a rating we have!

The penalty box is a great form of enjoyable engagement for all ages / characters. Skill is not required so that appealed to many. I especially loved when a single buddy asked the Referee how much it costs for all his buddies’ girlfriends to be in there for the night. Ha ha…

- John and Ashley, STAG & DOE

We definitely recommend anyone having a stag and doe to use Jack of all Spades as the Crown and Anchor and Golf games were a big hit and also were fairly profitable! It was a pleasure to deal with Carrie, she is very friendly and her website has a lot of useful info about how to make the most money from the games. It was great to have 2 locations to have the choice to visit. Thanks again it was great to deal with you and if I ever need any games or anything you will be the first person I call.

- Leanne and Peter, STAG & DOE

We loved our experience with Jack of all Spades! They were very affordable with great quality products. flexible and professional. I would definitely recommend them.

- Michelle and Neo, STAG & DOE

Thank you so very much for helping to make our Mayor’s Gala such a success and for allowing the gaming to continue later in the evening. The gaming was a huge hit with the attendees! Thanks again Carrie!

- Mayor, Town of Pelham, CASINO NIGHT

Jack of all Spades helped make our stag and doe a ton of fun. They were extremely easy to deal with in terms of pick-up, drop off, and payment. They had very reasonable prices with great quality products. I would highly recommed them. Thanks for everything!

- Ange and Michael, STAG & DOE

Jack of all Spades offers great games and their website provides great advice on how to run each game while making a profit. Definitely made Stag & Doe planning that much easier. Not having to make the games and raffle containers was a huge relief. Carrie offers everything you need to run a successful event at a reasonable price. As an event planner I will keep your business card handy! I wish you much success and I know our paths will cross again. Thank You Again!

- Danielle and John, STAG & DOE

Our experience with Jack of all Spades was great. To be quite honest with you, living in Ottawa, I spent lots of time searching for games rentals in the city and did not find a single website with anything more than a poker table for rent. I did my due diligence and really searched far and wide throughout the Niagara Region (in an effort to avoid driving from Welland to Grimsby for nothing) and again, found the usual games (i.e. blackjack, poker, typical mini putt, crown and anchors etc.). Those games are typically found at every Stag and Doe so I wanted something different. I rented the bean bag toss game for a very reasonable price and decided to throw in some money belts as well for my wedding party. The bean bag toss was a great success and I chose it because of its popularity as a casual back yard drinking game. I charged $5 for 3 tosses and paired that up with two incredible gifts for the winner just to entice some competition. Overall, I would recommend Jack of all Spades to anyone searching for Stag and Doe or event games. As limited as my experience was, I did review your website several times before I made a decision on what I wanted to rent. It was very informative and helpful in terms of guiding the customer to decide the best way to use the game. I wish you nothing but success as you continue to grow your company. Cheers.

- Phil and Kristen, STAG & DOE

The 44" Prize Wheel was a big hit - everyone loves a chance to win something!! Thanks for all your help.


We had a very positive experience with Jack of all Spades. You were flexible with meeting times and it took a lot of stress out of the experience to be able to rent games, raffle containers, and money pouches at a great price. Our stag and doe went incredibly well and was definitely worth the all the work! I also used your website for guidelines and tips for running a successful stag and doe and found it very helpful! I loved how the games we rented came with tips on how best to make money with those particular games. I will be recommending your company to any of our friends who are throwing stag and does or fund-raising events for sure. Thank you so much for your help with our event!

- Natalie and Andrew, STAG & DOE

Bullseye was the busiest game we had! We did great and had a good time! Thanks so much.

- Kristin, STAG & DOE

Loved everything about you guys - great prices and a great selection of games. We made $15,000 off our Stag & Doe, and the games brought in thousands alone.

- Tim and Jen, STAG & DOE

The Jail & Bail game was incredible. We had 7 people in there at one time, and it was a huge hit. Best game I have ever seen in action at a Stag & Doe.

- Susan, STAG & DOE

We have had a Casino Night every year for the past 7 years and had to look for a new company this year because the other guys shut down. We are so glad we found you! It was twice as good as the other company and the quality of your tables cannot be matched. We loved your dealers too - very professional and very entertaining!


Thanks for bringing the fun back into our Corporate Christmas Party! We were eager for a new theme and we will definitely be using you guys again next December when we do it all over again!


Two other people in my wedding party are also engaged so they will be calling you next year to book their Stag & Doe games with you. Loved the Crack the Code game!

- Christine and Braden, STAG & DOE

Thank you again Jack of all Spades! This is my second time back and again you helped us out. Your selection of games is large and I see its growing! I am very happy with the simplicity of your games, they are easy to transport and setup. The games are well built, colourful, safe and draw attention. I am happy that most of your games can be modified for different venues. Your pickup and drop off times are perfect and having a delivery option is a huge bonus! I will be back. Jack of all Spades created fun at my Stag and Doe which made me money.

- Mark, STAG & DOE

Carrie, thank you so much for your kind words and you make my job so much easier by sharing your knowledge and expertise of how to run a successful casino night. Our team had a wonderful time again and thoroughly enjoyed some fun at the tables. Thank you for everything and I will absolutely keep you in mind for future events. It was also a pleasure meeting you and finally getting an opportunity to put a face to the name.

- Lesley, Trip Central, CASINO NIGHT

Thank you for the poker tables, they worked out great for my son's party.


Thank you for a great game, the Plinko was awesome!

- Tennille and Dave, STAG & DOE

We loved your Crack the Code game. Code # 1094 walked away with a 42" Sharp LCD TV last night!! The game was awesome!! Thanks for all your help!!! Everything went really well and the wedding is officially paid for!!

- Karolin, STAG & DOE

Thank you for the rental items, they were fantastic and our guests had a blast.

- Todd, STAG & DOE

The night was absolutely awesome! We had a blast. Daniel (dealer) was great to deal with and he was a true pleasure at the tables. He tolerated our eight year old very well :o). Your tables are beautiful and we really enjoyed having them at the event, the setup was perfect. Would definitely recommend you to anyone and everyone for casino / party rentals. Service was great! Thanks again.


I just wanted to thank you for renting the Super Prize Wheel to us. The kissing game went off very successfully. The wheel really added to the fun factor. I also appreciated your flexibility in terms of pick up and drop off arrangements as well as your professionalism. I would highly recommend your business to friends and family.


Thank you so much for the Crown & Anchor rental. It looked and sounded great. I have been and will continue to recommend you guys.

- Natasha and Tyler, STAG & DOE

Happy we found you, I look forward to future rentals with you!

- Lynn, Bermingham, CORPORATE PARTY

Everything went really well and the games we ordered from you were a big hit! A lot of people enjoyed the Fore game and the Crown & Anchor Wheel. If I hold another event in the future, I will definitely be contacting you!

- Rosalind, STAG & DOE

Thank you so much, we will definitely be spreading the word about you guys. It was a great experience dealing with you. And will for sure keep you in mind for any upcoming events.

- Tanya and Russ, STAG & DOE

The event was awesome, our residents had a great time. Thanks again Carrie..great service!

- Julie, The Village of Tansley Woods Nursing Home, CASINO NIGHT

We were very pleased with our over all experience with Jack of all Spades! Right from the first email contact with you, I could tell I made the right choice. There is a lot of work that goes into planning a Stag and Doe and to know that the games were taken care of was definitely a plus. I loved the different package options, and the aprons that came with them were a bonus. I didn't really know where else to go for those. The variety of games was a hit at the Stag and Doe and helped raise money for the couple :) Also, thanks to Dan for letting us pick the games up earlier than planned. I'm hoping to have my own stag and doe to plan in the next year or so and I will definitely come back to Jack of all Spades. thanks again, and hope to deal with you again :)

- Danielle, STAG & DOE

Our trade show was a success and your Prize Wheel helped us a lot. Thank you for everything. It was a pleasure doing business with you and hope to do business with you again soon.

- Yapriak, Swapopolis, TRADESHOW

Thanks so much! The stag and doe was great and we would definitely recommend you to our friends.

- Katie and Ryan, STAG & DOE

I used Jack of all Spades for my STAG & DOE, and both my friends STAG & DOE's - GREAT SERVICE and perfectly priced =)

- Ashley and Ian, STAG & DOE

Thank you so much for the games we rented this past weekend. They went over really well with everyone and all the games were great! I know four other couples getting married this summer, and they will be renting from you too. You do a great job and I hope to do business with you again soon.

- Greg and Viktoria, STAG & DOE

Just wanted to send a quick note to thank you so much for Saturday Night. Our employees had a great time and really enjoyed the casino. Daniel and his dealers were fantastic. If I ever hear of anyone wanting to do something similar I will recommend your services. Have a great holiday season.

- Shannon, Lafarge Canada, CASINO NIGHT

Carrie, it was great to work with you to coordinate our first casino experience for our Christmas cocktail party. Thank you for your suggestions and support which made our evening a great success and a lot of fun. I am happy to report, we successfully raised $3000 which will be donated to a children’s charity. I look forward to the opportunity of working with you again in the future.

- Lesley, Trip Central, CASINO NIGHT

Thanks Carrie – the wheel was a huge HIT!!!! Thanks for making our wedding so memorable.

- Stephenie and Vince, WEDDING

The party was great fun for everyone, roulette table too. Your service was very efficient. All the best to you all. I will keep you in mind when I need some party rentals.


Thanks again for the opportunity to use the wheel for our recent event. As I mentioned on the phone it was a great success, and a definite WOW factor for the event.

- Nicole Hill, OPEN HOUSE

The Plinko game was a great hit at our Stag and Doe. People also loved the Mini Putt and the Hockey Shoot-out. We would like to thank you for the last minute rental of a few games. We found you to be very easy to do business with and very flexible. We will definitely recommend you to anyone looking to host an event. Thanks again and good luck in the future.

- Chrissy and Eric, STAG & DOE

Thanks again for the rentals. Our stag and doe was awesome! We will definitely let others know about you and use you for future events.

- Katherine and Kevin, STAG & DOE

Thank you Carrie and Dan - your service was exceptional and we would gladly recommend you to anyone planning an event. Take care and best of luck.

- John and Tracey, STAG & DOE

It was definitely a success and the clients had a great time. Thanks for all the organizing on your end; it’s always a pleasure to work with people as reliable and easy going as you both are. Looking forward to working with you again next year which will make our 5th straight year with Jack of all Spades .

- Laura, Baycrest, CASINO NIGHT

We had a great time thank you for the use of your games!! We'll be back as we did do well! And Mike wasn't the only one wearing the same outfit from the night before... The whole wedding party was! I spent 38 minutes in the penalty box, it was a hit!

- Sarah and Mike, STAG & DOE

Everyone loved the games and it definitely helped to bring in some money. I think its awesome that you remember details about our stag and wedding. A lot of people don't take the time to listen to their customers, and it's nice to see that you take an interest in your clients. We will definitely be recommending you to anyone we know throwing an event.

- Amber and Matt, STAG & DOE

Thanks for the rental for our fundraiser - it was a huge success and everyone enjoyed the poker tournament. Hopefully we can do it again and use your service.


Thanks for everything! You guys provide a great service and we're glad you're local enough for us to take advantage of it. I guess Hamilton must be a hotbed for Stag'n Doe parties, eh? We will definitely recommend you to others having Stag 'n Does in the future.

- Vik and Sarah, STAG & DOE

I was so pleased with the results of our Jack and Jill. The games were perfect. We ended up making enough to pay for 3/4 of our 2 week honeymoon!!! I will definitely be suggesting your services to friends in the future. Diana and I are the first of our group to tie the knot so you should have some business on the way. Thanks for everything Carrie, if I ever have another event like this you will have my business again.

- Louis and Diana, STAG & DOE

I just wanted to thank you for all of your help through this process. I am sure you can understand the stress of planning such a large event. Having the opportunity to deal with someone like you has been refreshing. Thank you for being so wonderful and helping to ease my stress level! Truly appreciated!

- Jessica and Jason, STAG & DOE

It was a great night - the penalty box was sooo much fun and the DJ made it rock. Anytime someone paid to put a friend in, I would blow my whistle, the DJ would stop the music, I would announce the name and then he would play hockey penalty music till I got them into the box. It was fun for people and we made a good chunk on that and of course on the crown and ancor. Thanks again!! I will be definitely telling people about your services!!

- Ashlee and Ian, STAG & DOE

We just wanted to say thank you for helping to make our stag and doe a success. The games were a huge hit. The Plinko got a lot of attention but as predicted, the Crown and Anchor was the big money maker. Thanks again for everything. I will definitely be recommending you to all my friends with upcoming stag and does!

- Heather and Steven, STAG & DOE

The penalty box was a huge success as was the stag and doe. I have a few friends that are having them in the very near future I will let them know about you guys. Thanks!

- Dave and Stephanie, STAG & DOE

Thanks again for all your help. The wheel was a hit! It was very easy to use, set up and maintain. I was quite happy. I will definitely be in touch for the next conferences. And I’m happy to pass along your name to anyone who needs gaming materials for any event. You’re definitely in my rolodex to stay.

- James, Drake International, TRADESHOW

Chris and I had a GREAT STAG & DOE. With the help of your business we raised over $5500 which really makes the cost of the rentals worth while. The games we chose - Plinko, Hockey and Crown & Anchor were great because it gave everyone something to enjoy. Plinko was awesome to have because we had so many prizes. The board was set up so that the only way someone would "lose" is when the money got put into the jar to see the Bride or Groom get a pie in the face. Chris is on a ball hockey team so the Hockey Shootout went over very well with all of the guys. Crown and Anchor was great too- everyone loves trying to win money. Chris and I recieved many comments on how much fun our friends and family had, and how organized the event was. The games, money aprons and cash boxes definitely helped with the organization of the night. It was so convenient to just pick up and drop off the games and not have to worry about "making up" the games and trying to explain how they work. Thanks so much for your business, I highly recommend you to anyone hosting an event.

- Chris and Erin, STAG & DOE

I wanted to thank you for all your help with the Casino Night. I must say, the casino was fabulous. The dealers were so pleasant, but at the same time very professional and everyone had such a wonderful time. The tables were in wonderful condition and the dealers all looked fantastic. I personally had a lot of fun at the blackjack table. I had never played before but found it very easy to pick up. I was so pleased with how it all worked out and can confidently say that if we ever do another casino theme, or if I am personally ever looking for a casino theme, I will call you up again.

- Eliza, Metapharm Inc, CASINO NIGHT

Thank you so much for providing the Casino tables for our party. We all had a BLAST!!!!! Dan managed to setup the tables all on his own and take them away January 1st.... wow... hurray to Dan... I'm sure we'll be doing this again. Take care for now and All the best for 2011 !!!

- Jas, CASINO NIGHT (December 2010)

The games were great and the kids especially enjoyed all the games such as the prize wheel, crown and anchor, mini indy, etc. The bullseye was a big one for the kids. The games are really user friendly and I had a few people who have taken down your information and contact details. Thanks again for helping us make our Karnival fun.

- Mangalorean Association of Canada, CARNIVAL

Everyone LOVED the wheel!! I passed your contact info to some of my colleagues who thought it may be a good idea for future events. Thank you so much for your help!!

- Melissa, Amgen, FUNDRAISER

Thanks for the rental of the prize wheel. It was a hit!

- Nafeeza, Stage Front Events, TRADESHOW

Just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for your services. I was extremely happy with the games we rented and that Dan was there to set up and take them down when you said he would be. I also wanted to thank Dan because when the wedding party handed Dan the money aprons someone had accidently left money in one of them and he was honest and gave it back. I have recommended your company to my friends who are planning their stag n does. Thanks again.

- Heather and Ryan, STAG & DOE

I just wanted to send a quick e-mail to you both and say thank you so much for everything. It was a great experience and we had a lot of fun.

- Leanne, STAG & DOE

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your services at the NBTA Canada show. The wheel looked great and was exactly what we were looking for. I appreciate your services in picking and delivering….it was perfect timing! Thank you again!

- Lorin, NBTA Canada Show, TRADESHOW

Thank you very much for all your hard work on the prize wheels!! Everyone was very impressed and absolutely loved them. I’m looking forward to using them and other items from Jack of all Spades again!

- Crystal, Toronto Nationals, TRADESHOW

We have loved using the Plinko board and you have been quick to respond to any requests. Additionally, you have delivered on everything you have promised. I can understand why your business has become sooo much busier after only 2 years of operations.

- Jeff, Kognitive Marketing, TRADESHOW

Thanks for everything. Dealing with you guys was so easy, and even though we waited to the last minute you guys really came through. All there had fun and Blackjack was a huge hit. The dealers were amazing they even went as far as buying raffle Tickets. I'm blown away. Thanks again.

- Jeff and Alice, STAG & DOE

My aunt had found your website while searching for Stag and Doe suppliers and I am very glad she did. You both were very accommodating and had a wide range of games to choose from. We chose the Plinko game which was VERY successful at our Stag and Doe. I will be sure to recommend your products in the future. Thanks again!

- Jessica, STAG & DOE

This was our first time renting from you and I thought you were both absolutely great to work with - professional, courteous and extremely efficient. Griffin Centre has been running a Boat Cruise Fundraiser for 4 years and this was our best experience with a rental company ever! Your casino tables were top notch and the entire process ran smoothly. We look forward to working with you again next year!!

- Griffin Centre, CASINO NIGHT

Thank you Jack of all Spades for an outstanding job! The games we rented were awesome and lots of fun. All our guests enjoyed themselves - especially playing Plinko! Thank you for providing a stress free experience. We will definitely be recommending you to our friends and family!

- Fred and Catia, STAG & DOE

Just wanted to say thanks SO much for everything! From our last minute call for rental items, to your great professionalism. We had a great Stag & Doe, and a huge thank you goes out to you both. We will definitely be recommending you to our family and friends.

- Jenny and Derek, STAG & DOE

I just wanted to say thank you again for helping us in our time of need :) lets just say that the party went off without a hitch....everyone had a good time, the games were great and we would not only use you again but recommend you to anyone interested in these guys did a fantastic job....thank you again. I think you guys are great and the service was so impressive (timely and efficient) was my pleasure dealing with you :)

- Tara, STAG & DOE

The games were a big hit and everything went smoothly. We will definitely be recommending you guys in the future.

- Sarah, STAG & DOE

Thanks so much for everything! The Crown and Anchor wheel was a hit! It more than paid for itself...many times over! I will definite recommend you to anyone who is planning a stag and doe or other money making party! Thanks again!

- Erica, STAG & DOE

It was a pleasure working with Jack of all Spades . They were great throughout the entire process, being friendly, accommodating and following up. Their prices are amazing and their equipment is very professional and in good shape. On the day of, they were so helpful and independent in setting up and preparing all the games, making sure to do everything in their power to make our event successful. Overall, our event was a grand success and I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is hosting a casino event. Thank you again!

- Baycrest Toronto, CASINO NIGHT

I just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks so much. We all had a great time!!! The Horse Race Wheel was very loud and entertaining and the Crown & Anchor Wheel was a great success. We will be calling you next year for my soon-to-be brother in-laws Stag & Doe. Take care and thanks again.

- Samantha and Nicole, DOE & DOE

Thanks again you two for everything Saturday! We got a lot of great feedback on the games and you will definitely be highly recommended to people we know who are looking to rent games in the future.

- Fred and Jen, STAG & DOE

I love the variety of stuff that you offer. You cannot get what you have anywhere else locally, and I love your prices. Thanks again.

- Chris, STAG

I rented with Jack of all Spades for the first time last year, and since then, we have thrown 2 more Casino Nights with friends and family. Every time we call, they are more than willing to make us happy and go out of their way to please us. It impresses our friends every time as they tell us they truly feel the Casino atmosphere that Jack of all Spades provides. Keep up the great work guys!

- Cindy & Bill, CASINO NIGHT