Stag and Doe Game Rental Ideas

Stag & Doe Game Rental Ideas

3 Awesome Links to Check out if Planning a Stag & Doe

  • Our TIPS PAGE will take you from start to finish - it will explain which games to rent for your Stag & Doe, how to find the right hall, how to get donations, how much booze to buy, how to schedule the Stag & Doe evening, etc.

  • 90% of our games were designed for a Stag & Doe so be sure to check out a FULL LIST OF OUR GAMES.

  • We also created our GAME PACKAGES with Stag & Doe's in mind, so be sure to browse through those and get some great deals.

Stag & Doe? Jack & Jill? Buck & Doe?

You may have noticed that we use all three of these terms interchangeably throughout the website (Stag & Doe; Jack & Jill; Buck & Doe). Where you grew up in Ontario, what your friends call it, or what name you simply like the best will determine what term you use. They all do the same thing - Make money for the Bride & Groom leading up to their wedding. We have found that in the Mississauga & Toronto regions people say "Jack & Jill", in the Burlington & Hamilton & Niagara regions people say "Stag & Doe", and in more rural areas people say "Buck & Doe". Ask an someone from Winnipeg and they call it "Socials". Ask an American and he won't get it. We do not care what you call it, they are all the same thing! So that we do not confuse people by saying all of these sayings, we stick with the term "Stag & Doe" throughout this website.

Top Rentals for Stag & Doe's:

Pics from some recent Stag & Doe's that we hosted:

Penalty Box Pie in Face Penalty Box Plinko Crown & Anchor

Need More Help?

Call us to discuss your event, and we will give you all of the knowledge we have! Or you can click below on the button to get a quote for your Stag & Doe.