Roulette Table Game Rentals

Roulette Table Game Rentals

Which Roulette game would you like to Rent?

Deluxe Roulette Table: $115

Our Deluxe Roulette Table is 84" x 42" and you can fit approximately 6-8 people around it. It comes with a gorgeous satin black skirt, as well as a vinyl padded bumper. It matches our other Deluxe Tables to complete your Casino look! Gorgeous table, we are very proud to add this to our collection. This is a delivery only item.

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Roulette Table Regular Roulette Table

Regular Roulette Table: $79

This table is 72" long and is a perfect addition to your Casino theme. Lots of room for 10+ people to stand and play or watch. It is simply gorgeous and is a great price.

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Regular Roulette Table

Roulette Rollout: $15

Our Roulette mat is 6 feet long and should look after about 6 people at a time. It works just the same as a table, it is just missing the legs!

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Roulette Rollout

Roulette Set: $25

This is our most cost effective version of Roulette however it is just as much fun. It comes with a layout mat, 10" Wheel and Ball, 120 chips, and a Rake.

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Small Roulette Game

Roulette Accessory Package: $15

    300 Poker Chips

    There are 300 Professional Poker Chips in a stainless steel case - you will receive 50 chips of: pink, purple, gray, brown, orange and yellow. Please inform whoever is running the table for you (unless you use our dealers) that they must put all of the chips back in order of colour by the time we receive them back, or there will be charge of $5 per case.

    Roulette Chips

    18" Professional Roulette Wheel + Ball

    The Roulette Wheel is the most important accessory of all - this is where the excitement begins. This heavy duty Wheel will leave your guests in anticipation as to where the ball will stop! If you rent our Deluxe Table, you will instead receive 2 balls.

    18" Roulette Wheel

    Roulette Marker

    This Glass Roulette Marker lets everyone know where the bet was placed (and it looks good too!)

    Roulette Marker

Casino Money Package (NEW!!): $35

Let us take care of one very large detail for you! If your event is NOT a fundraiser and it is just for fun, take advantage of this offer as we solve the question of, "How will my guests gamble if we are not using money?" We offer 3 things in this package:

  • Raffle Drum ($20 value)
  • 1000 Raffle Tickets ($5 value)
  • 100 x $500 Bills in Play Money ($25 value)

You give your guests one $500 bill which is play money (laminated bill that resembles a real bill) and they will take this bill to the tables to gamble with. They will give the dealer the bill, and the dealer will exchange it for chips for them to play at the table. When your guest is ready to cash out, the Dealer will provide them with a raffle ticket(s). You put the one tear away portion into the Raffle Drum at the end of the night, and find out who the lucky winner is! They may win a prize of your choice.

You can get an additional 100 bills if you wish, for another $20 ($5 discount)


Roulette Game Rental Sign: $5

Add on the 20" x 36" GAME RENTAL SIGN for only $5
Just use a Dry Erase Marker to fill in the prices that you want to charge!

Roulette Table Sign