Jack of all Spades Rental Agreement

Jack of all Spades Rental Agreement

Click on any of the following sections that you are interested in, or scroll down to read the whole Rental Agreement. This Rental Agreement was last updated on May 3, 2017. Jack of all Spades reserves the right to modify our Rental Agreement at any time, and prices and policies are subject to change without notice.

General Info:

Equipment is rented on a first come, first served basis. All of our prices are listed online, however if you have a unique request, you can ask for a QUOTE. Prices quoted are for a one day event, however if you choose to use our rental items for a longer period, we can provide you with long term rates. There is no minimum order quantity required; order as much or as little as you desire.

If you have any gift cards to use towards your order, only one coupon per order is permitted.

We have a full showroom set up with all of our game rentals and you are welcome to come see them in person by appointment only. SCHEDULE APPOINTMENT NOW.

Booking Online

To book some games, CLICK HERE NOW!. You are required to pay the full amount in order to reserve your items. Once we receive your online request to book and we have also received your deposit, we will review our inventory to ensure we have what you want in stock. Assuming we do have everything that you want in stock, we will send you a confirmation email within 48 business hours and you are good to go!

It is not as though we have a guarantee that we will have all package items available, but we do carry multiples of each game so that we can attempt to avoid dissapointments. There are 2 Scenarios that could happen if we don't have what you want in stock:

  • Do not have the basic package items in stock
  • Do not have additional item(s) you added on (cash box, another game, etc) in stock or are not able to do delivery if that is what you requested.

1) If we do not have the basic package items available but we have already charged your credit card or accepted your e-transfer, we will send you an email asap to let you know which item(s) we are out of stock on. You will have 48 hours to cancel or change your order if you wish and we will refund you the full amount paid less 5% for administrative costs. You can avoid this 5% charge by checking with us first that we have all of the package items in stock. CALL US NOW @ 905-592-2032. If 48 hours have passed and we have not heard from you on whether you want to cancel or switch your items, note that your payment is non-refundable. Ensure to keep a close eye on your inbox for a confirmation email. If you do not receive an email from us within 48 business hours, please check your junk mail.

2) If not having the add-ons or extra games or delivery available is a deal breaker and you no longer want to book, there is no refund for any money paid thus far. You can avoid this hassle by checking with us first that we have all of the additional items in stock and are able to do the delivery for your Casino Night. CALL US NOW @ 905-592-2032.

Booking Over the Phone:

If you wish to instead book over the phone, feel free to call us at 905-592-2032. The process is slightly different than booking online. We will record all of the same information that is asked of you online, and after speaking to you, we will send you a quote over email with instructions in how to either do an e-transfer; pay with a credit card; cash; or cheque.

If you wish to pay for your deposit with a credit card, our 3rd Party e-Signing Service (Adobe Document Cloud) will send you a document to fill out your credit details, and it will allow you to e-sign it from your phone or computer, or you may receive an email from our Quickbooks program. This emailed document from Adobe will come from an email address called echo@echosign.com. If you don't receive this within 24 business hours, check your junk mail.

Once that is signed, it will automatically send us a copy of your credit details. We will ensure that we have what you want still in stock, and will charge your card according to the amount you requested.

Methods of Payment:

You can pay for your order in one of 4 ways:

  • E-Transfer
  • Credit (all major cards accepted)
  • Cash
  • Cheque

**Note that if you are booking online, the system charges a fee for using credit. You can avoid this charge by doing an e-transfer instead**

Security Deposit:

We will do a pre-authorization on a credit card in the amount of $250 (or higher if you are having a Casino Night) for each order, to ensure you have proper funds to pay for any possible damage, loss of rental items, or any other fees that you may incur; and also to ensure that the card is active.

Whoever comes to pick up your order, will provide us with their credit card and THEY will be liable for any monies owing should a problem arise in the future. If the credit card holder is NOT able to be present, please CLICK HERE TO FILL OUT THIS FORM.

Assuming the person picking up the order is using their card, after we swipe it, their credit card company will hold the money back from their monthly credit limit, however they will not actually see a charge on their statement. The card holder will sign off saying that they agree to any future charges should any problems occur; and they will receive a copy of this transaction via text. Assuming the pre-authorization goes through, the card holder is free to take the items. Only the card holder can sign off, you cannot lend your card to someone.

If you are getting your order delivered, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

If your order comes back to us in one piece after the event, no charges will ever go through to the credit card provided, and the money held back will automatically be released to you a few days after your event. If however, there are missing items that were either lost or stolen, you will have 2 days from when we receive your partial order back, to return the missing item(s) in order to avoid charges. If after 2 days we have not received your entire order back, we will be charging your credit card its respective Replacement Fee which is described better in detail below.

If you do not come back during the agreed upon timeframe, nor do you attempt to make any contact or effort, you will be billed an entire day's rental for each day that it is late, which will be deducted from your Security Deposit. We may try to contact you to find out when you are coming, however it is your responsibility to get in touch with us. Remember to BOOK YOUR TIME online.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your items are looked after at all times. If any items are returned damaged or if an item is simply not returned, Jack of all Spades will charge the card holder accordingly. Jack of all Spades dictates how much money will be charged to cover the cost of labour and materials. This can be very pricey and an unfortunate and unnecessary charge, so ensure that proper care is taken. You can request to see a copy of our replacement fees at the time of booking and this is also posted in our showroom.

Changing or Cancelling Orders:

If you wish to REDUCE your order, please inform us as soon as you can so that we may update our system to ensure that someone else may have access to that item. There are no refunds for monies paid thus far but maybe you can switch it to something else.

If you wish to CANCEL your order entirely, unfortunately there is no refund on any monies paid thus far. However when you book with us again in the future, we can offer you a disccount. The execption to this rule is that we would offer you a refund for any money paid thus far if we didn't have what you requested online in stock, and had already paid a deposit.

If you wish to ADD items to your order, you are welcome to do so at any time, but of course, this is subject to availability.

Delivery Service:

We typically offer Delivery to our clients who are having a Casino Night or who are having a Company Event. We typically do not deliver for Stag & Doe's as we reserve those time slots for the large Casino Nights.

Delivery rates are based on the number of kilometres from our showroom, by the number of items (and types of items) that you are renting.

You can request whether you want one of the following:

  • Delivery + Set up
  • Teardown + Pick up
  • Delivery + Set up + Teardown + Pick up

We charge $1.25 per km as well as $10 for each item/game. There may be other charges if it is difficult location to deliver to (lots of stairs, parking lot issues, use of elevator), but other than that you should be able to figure out the price on your own prior to booking based on those facts.

Here is an example:
Cindy orders a Regular Blackjack Table (with Accessory Package), the Golf Putt Challenge, the Large Plinko, a roll of tickets, and 10 money aprons. Her event is 31 kms away from our showroom in Grimsby, and she would like both delivery and pick up. Her charge would go as follows:

  • 31 kms x $1.25 for Delivery + Set up = $38.75
  • Add on $10 each for 3 games = $30
  • Total charge for Delivery + Set up = $68.75
  • Add on Teardown + Pick up = same price
  • Total charge for Delivery + Set up + Teardown + Pick up = 137.50

When you book online, it will take you through a series of questions such as: when your event starts, if you want to have just delivery, or just pick up, or both, the location, etc.) Our service is very convenient to have for a reasonable price if you factor in the gas wasted x 4 ways, finding a vehicle to fit everything in, setting it all up, packing it all back up, and all of that precious time wasted when you are busy enough with your event! Note that there is a minimum delivery charge of $50 for both ways, until we can correctly calculate your balance owing.

Sometimes we return that evening to pick up your items, and other times it will be the next morning. We have to manage all deliveries accordingly and will let you know the timing a few days prior to your event. You can request your preferences, but in the end Jack of all Spades will make the final call on timing. When we pick up your items, we will be inspecting all items. It will be your responsibility to detail all damages, shortages, or discrepancies on your invoice before we leave or the invoice quantities will be considered received and in perfect condition. You are also responsible for any extra expenses that we incur while delivering the items to your location, such as parking lot fees, parking meters, or parking tickets if you had not prearranged proper loading facilities for our delivery personnel.

If you are not there at the pre-arranged time; there is nobody to greet us; if we are delayed for any reason by you or the hall; then you will be charged $25 for every 15 minutes that we are delayed. This charge will be deducted from your Security Deposit. Please ensure you have your cell phone on you so that we can stay in contact should any issues arise on either end.

If you request Delivery of any kind when you book, 100% of the charge is due upfront. Should you need to cancel your order, or maybe keep the games but omit delivery, your deposit is non-refundable.

Transporting the Games Yourself:

You can pick up any of our games yourself, unless it is our DELUXE CASINO TABLES in which case we must do delivery - no exceptions.

Our rented items must be completely covered from weather conditions while transporting in your vehicle. Your trunk, hatchback, or tailgate must be able to close properly to secure all items, and bungee cords are recommended to keep everything safe.

Some of the rented items are quite heavy, so we recommend two people come that can each lift up to 80 pounds to do the transporting of the items. We will not be held responsible for any injury or damage to you or your vehicle during loading or unloading and it will be your responsibility to do the lifting and loading. We also recommend that you bring along blankets to aid in transporting the items safely so you can avoid damaging the items.

It will be your responsibility to detail all damages, shortages, or discrepancies on your invoice before you leave or the invoice quantities will be considered received and in perfect condition.

The Monday prior to your event, we will send you a reminder email with everything you need to know. Feel free to "SCHEDULE YOUR PICK UP & DROP OFF TIME"up to 2 weeks in advance.

Thursday 1030am to 430pm
Friday 9am to 4pm

Monday 1045am to 430pm
Tuesday 1030am to 4pm

If when you go to book your time, you find that none of these times will work, you can request a different time and we will see if we are able to accommodate. Typically we are out doing deliveries in the evenings so do most of our pickups and drop offs throughout the day. We are typically closed on weekends for the same reason. If you are running late, always give us a call to ensure that we will still be there, because we will not wait around as we have delivery times to meet.

Please return all items in the same packages or boxes in which you received them to avoid any fees for missing packaging. We rely on this packaging to keep our items safe and damage free while in transit. We will inspect all items thoroughly upon your arrival, and if there are any damaged or missing items, the amount to replace the packaging will be deducted from your Security Deposit.

Replacement Fees:

Jack of all Spades prides itself on providing you with the highest quality equipment that is well maintained. All items are cleaned and inspected after every use.

You are responsible for paying the full Replacement Fee for broken, damaged, dirty, missing items or lost items and/or packaging.After booking, you can request a listing of our replacement fees if you are interested, and we also keep a copy posted at our showroom. You are responsible for the items from the time you receive the items to the time we receive them back.

If you find the lost or stolen item, and it is in the same condition as when you received it, we will gladly refund the replacement costs that we charged you.

All items should be secured and protected from harmful weather conditions, theft, or damage, and should be secured when not in use.To prevent mishaps, do not allow your guests to place drinks, cigarettes, or food items on any of the rented items or packaging.

Get someone to help you lift, transport, or move a heavy item because things could damage easily. Remember to take extra care as you are responsible for paying the Replacement Fee for damage caused, even if it was not you who caused the damage or who lost the item.

We advise you not to use tape on any of our games. The exception to this rule is if you wish to tape signs to our Wheel or Plinko or Raffle Containers, or to hang the Bullseye sign on the wall.  In this case, we recommend using painters tape. Duct tape, masking tape, or scotch tape are NOT permitted as they may damage our games. If an item comes back to us with tape or tape marks on it, or it has been damaged due to the tape, you will be responsible for paying the full Replacement Fee of that item. Do not use any tape of any kind on any of our tables and if you wish to add tape to any other game, please get permission from us first.

Note that you cannot make any modifications to our items at any time unless you get permission from us first. If there is an item that is damaged when you receive it, do not take it upon yourself to "fix" it. Instead you should call us immediately and we will figure something out for you.

If the Replacement Fee that you owe is higher than the Security Deposit, the balance will be charged to the credit card provided. It is so very seldom that this happens so do not panic! Just take care of everything responsibly, and you will be fine!

Using our Dealers:

If you choose to rent our CASINO TABLES and would like to have DEALERS at your function please note that the personnel we use are a third party contractor and are not affiliated with Jack of all Spades in any way. Jack of all Spades facilitates the booking of these personnel on your behalf, but in the event that any problems or concerns related to these personnel arise, you are responsible to resolve all issues directly with them. We can assure you that the Dealers we use are highly professional, very outgoing, dress in full Casino attire, and are worth every penny. Jack of all Spades would not affiliate our company name with them if we did not strongly believe in their professionalism and efficiency! We are proud to partner with them at any type of event. Ask us for a quote and we will be happy to give you their prices!

Dates that Jack of all Spades is Closed

We have no closures planned at this time.