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Needing some Tradeshow Games for an upcoming event or a Job Fair?  There is so much competition and you want to stand out, so it is definitely a smart idea to consider getting a Game Rental to attract people to your booth.  We have compiled a list of Games that will do just that!  Choose ones that are as noisy or large as you want to help you stand out. With 14 game choices, you should be well equipped to have the right game for the job. Feel free to customize the games so that they work for you (as long as no damage or alterations to the games are made).  Remember, everything is on sale for 10% off!  Scroll down to “Choose a Game” to get started and see your options.

Need some help deciding?  CLICK HERE to see which game would work best for you, as we have given you a great selection.

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If you see all the tabs below, you will see how we have put into a sentence or two, how you can use each of these games at your Tradeshow or Job Fair.  It will help you narrow down which game would work the best for this type of event because there are so many choices that you might be overwhelmed!  Just quickly browse through the 7 tabs, and within 2 minutes you should know exactly which one will do the trick.  Entertaining prospective clients/employees does not need to be a daunting experience, let us help you!  Best of all… every single game listed here is on sale for 10% off!



When a potential client drops a Plinko chip, it will land in a spot at the bottom. Label these to give away free prizes, products, services, or coupons.

CLICK HERE to see pictures of the Plinko, how to play, its dimensions, etc.

Golf Game

Give your potential client a chance to putt or chip a ball in order to win a free prize or service.

CLICK HERE to see pictures of the Golf Games, how to play, its dimensions, etc.

Crack the Code

Every person that walks up to your booth, gets to pick a code that could unlock the door to reveal a big prize give-away. Once they enter in their code, it will either give them a red light, or a green light telling them that they won!  In order to get that code, they must fill out their name and email on a form.  Who wouldn’t want to play this!

CLICK HERE to see pictures of the Crack the Code, how to play, its dimensions, etc.

Punch a Bunch

Each new person that approaches your booth gets to punch a spot to see if they have won a prize!  This game is HUGE so it will attract people to come see what it is all about, which is exactly what you want! Punch a Bunch can be used by a point system (hide envelopes with point values on them in each slot), or hide the grand prize in one of the spots.

CLICK HERE to see pictures of the Punch a Bunch, how to play, its dimensions, etc.

Bra Pong

This is a cute game that will get a potential client’s attention as it is bright pink! The person to earn the most points could win a grand prize, or if they get over a certain amount of points, they may win coupons or smaller giveaways.

CLICK HERE to see pictures of the Bra Pong how to play, its dimensions, etc.

Jack & The Bean Toss

Each person gets 3 bean bags that they can throw towards one of three targets. Label these targets as prize giveaways, or give away one large grand prize to the person who gets the most points from 3 throws.

CLICK HERE to see pictures of the Jack & The Bean Toss how to play, its dimensions, etc.

Prize Wheel

The Prize Wheel is the most classic game to have at a Tradeshow or Job Fair. Your potential client will simply spin the wheel to see what they have won! You can label the spots to have point values, or put prizes in each of the spots for coupons, free services, or product giveaways.

CLICK HERE to see pictures of the Prize Wheels, how to play, its dimensions, etc.


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