Stag Casino Package

You have selected the Stag Casino Table Package… nice choice!  This Package will give you 15% off everything, plus offer you a few other ideas too.  You will get 15% off a Wheel Package, Blackjack Package, Poker Package, Money Aprons, plus you will receive 4 free $25 Gift Cards.  If that was not enough, you can also order a Roulette Table at 5% off (optional)!  Great value for your Stag considering the package starts at $181 ($312 value)!

Below you will see that there are 9 steps before you are able to add this to the cart.  It will take you through some simple questions where all you have to do is click on a picture!  Scroll down to “1. WHEEL” and make your first selection.

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So you got the job of putting together a Stag Casino Party, or a Bachelor party with a Casino theme, and you know you need some entertainment, but have no clue where to start right?!  Let us start with the basics – the point of a Stag is to raise money for the Groom, so keep that in mind.  Many guys these days rent a hall, serve a hot meal, and charge quite a bit per ticket to help pay for the meal.  But then they also have games to entertain their guests.  A common theme is to have a Casino Theme going on in the background, as we find men love to gamble and more likely to blow their wallet here, than at any other event because their partner might not be there keeping them in line!  Ok, we are kidding, but still Casino games can generate a lot of money.  We put together a Stag Casino Package for our grooms, so that they can earn some money at their Stag.  Be sure to check out our Stag & Doe Packages also, as there might be something more up your alley over there!  This Package starts at $181 but is a $312 value – amazing!


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