Mini Indy

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Which car will win the Mini Indy Race?!  Whatever number appears when the dice are rolled, that particular car gets to move up one spot on the mat and the first car that passes the finishing line, wins!  Many people choose to upgrade to the CAR RACE WHEEL as you get larger and more fancier cars, as well as a 6 foot tall wheel instead of dice.  If you want more info on this game before deciding to book it, CLICK HERE.

Scroll down to see what is included and add on Delivery or a folding table for the mat if you want it!

Mini Cars × 6

Six different cars come with this game - so your guests can take their pick on which one will win the race!

Betting Mat

This betting mat is 6 feet long by 2.5 feet wide. You'll place your Cars on one end, and they will slowly move along the mat when their number comes up on the wheel.

Fuzzy Dice × 2

The squishy fuzzy dice are rolled, and they will dictate which numbered car will move a spot on the betting mat.

Set up + Teardown

Click "Add" below to have us set this up for you at your event.  The Set up & Teardown Fee is $20 per game, but it might be more if you have Obstacles (answer the 3 questions below to determine if you have Obstacles).  Note that there are 3 portions to the Delivery Charge:

  1. Set up & Teardown: $20 / game
  2. Obstacles: $0 - $19 / game
  3. Transportation:  $2.50 / km - Enter Delivery Address in Checkout and it will automatically calculate fee

Folding Tables

Since this game comes with a 6 foot long mat, you will need a table to put it on. Don't have a table? We do!!


Mini Indy is a more budget friendly version than our Car Race Wheel game.  It is run the exact same way, however without the wheel as that is replaced with some fuzzy dice; and the Car Race Wheel also has larger and fancier cars.  With either game, you will need a 6 foot long table for the mat to sit on, but other than that it takes up no room at all and it is very easy to play.  We recommend this game for children’s parties, or for Fundraisers.  We love the simplicity of Mini Indy as you basically roll the dice to see which car gets to move up a space on the mat, and eventually one of the cars will pass the finishing line and win the race.  For the extra $20 however, the Car Race Wheel is a nicer option as the sound of the wheel is enticing and gets people more energized.  Your choice!  You should make this choice purely on budget, because other than that, the games are played the same.

How to Play This Game

We have some recommendations that will help you understand how this game is played. Find 6 players if you can to play (not required however), and each person will choose which Car they hope will win. Each car will be assigned a number between 1 – 6. When you spin the wheel and numbers come up, that Car(s) will move on the mat towards the finishing line. For example, if 1,2,3 comes up on the wheel, Car #1, #2, and #3 will move up a spot. If instead 4,4,5 is spun, prop #4 will move up 2 spaces, and Car #5 will move up one space. The first Car to pass the finishing line wins!

When can I Pick this up?

After booking your rentals, you can CLICK HERE to book your Pick up and Drop off Time.

How to PROFIT with This Game

We have some excellent tips on how to profit with this game, if you are using it at a Fundraiser.  Try to find 6 players each race, but it is ok if you don’t get all 6 Car’s accounted for. We suggest that you charge each player $5 per race or maybe $8 per race if you bet on 2 Cars, which will double their chances of winning. If you had 6 players, you could make $30 per race. Keep track of all of the winners throughout the night, and at the end of the night only they are invited to participate in a tournament. Make sure to let everyone know what the prize is so that it will entice them to play! You may want to still offer the “losers” of the race a free raffle ticket as a thank you for playing. It doesn’t cost you more than $0.01 so why not put a smile on their face?! This is a highly competitive game and usually people play more than once.

What Kind of Vehicle do I need?

None of the parts to this game are heavy, and they can all fit into one bag.  Any vehicle is fine and no need to bring more than one person for pick up.


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