Large Penny Sale Tickets (4″ x 9″)


These are the simplest way to run raffles! Each guest purchases a sheet of 25 tickets with the same number repeated on it. When they call out the winning number, you only have to look at 1 number vs quickly scanning through 25 separate tickets with different numbers. These are 4″ x 9″, which are 60% bigger than our Small ones, and they are printed on thicker card.  If you want the Small instead (2.5″ x 5.6″), then CLICK HERE.  The more you buy, the cheaper per sheet it is!



Penny Sale Tickets are also known as Chinese Auction Tickets – they are a huge trend as people are moving away from purchasing Raffle Tickets due to the convenience of Penny Sale Tickets.. They might cost more in the end, but the ease for both your guests and host is worth it!  People only have to remember ONE number vs scanning through dozens of raffle tickets to see if they just won.

Our Large ones are nice as they are so easy on the eyes! They have larger print and are printed on a sturdier card. You can still write your personal info on the back of the door prize ticket, however there aren’t lines to write on. Which really isn’t the end of the world!

Alternatively, the Small Penny Sale Tickets are great if on a budget, and having the space to write the person’s personal info (name, address, phone number) is great for those who are buying a ticket but are not going to be there in attendance. So they can still participate in the door prize.

Definitely worth the investment, as we find it is easier for both the person running the raffles, as well as the person playing the raffles!  And by having the Door Prize ticket stub on there, it prevents you from having to buy different tickets if you have a Door Prize raffle as well.  Penny Sale Tickets are the way to go!

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Can you Ship These Out?

Sorry, we do not ship out tickets as all of our Tickets are pick up only from our location in Grimsby, Ontario, Canada.  You can CLICK HERE to set up a time to grab your tickets after purchasing them.

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