Hole in One

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The Hole in One is a super challenging golf putting game where each guest can get up to 5 balls / attempts to get a hole in one, after strategically aiming towards the loop in the middle!  You might only have a handful of people able to achieve this, but that keeps people coming back again and again! If you want more info on this game before deciding to book it, CLICK HERE.

Scroll down to see what is included and add on Delivery if you want it!


14 ft. Green

Once you put the two 7 foot pieces together, this baby is 14 feet long!


Putters × 2

This Putting Game comes with a left and right putter.  Can't neglect those lefties out there!


Golf Balls × 5

You will receive 5 Golf Balls with this game.


Set up + Teardown

Click "Add" below to have us set this up for you at your event.  The Set up & Teardown Fee is $20 per game, but it might be more if you have Obstacles (answer the 3 questions below to determine if you have Obstacles).  Note that there are 3 portions to the Delivery Charge:

  1. Set up & Teardown: $20 / game
  2. Obstacles: $0 - $19 / game
  3. Transportation:  $2.50 / km - Enter Delivery Address in Checkout and it will automatically calculate fee


This is a Jack of all Spades original kind of game.  Our Hole in One version is similar to what you would see at a mini putt course, because it has a large loop in the middle.  Gone are the days of just aiming for a hole down a straight green with no bumps or turns.  This game makes you strategize and aim for the loop first, which seems easy but we assure you it is not!  Once you have succeeded in aiming the ball to go towards the loop, next you have to ensure that you gave it enough of a push to go around the whole loop, and also enough steam to keep going up towards the hole.  This is not the type of game where someone will succeed the first or even second putt, because they will learn from their mistakes during the first couple of attempts, and try to perfect it as they go along.  Keeps them coming back for more and more!


Here are the dimensions of this product.  There are 2 pieces:

Piece 1:

  • Weight = 43 lbs
  • Width = 25″ (because of tire)
  • Length = 95″
  • Depth = 20″

Piece 2:

  • Weight = 48 lbs
  • Width = 25″
  • Length = 85″
  • Depth = 6″

When can I Pick this up?

After booking your rentals, you can CLICK HERE to book your Pick up and Drop off Time.

How to Play This Game

We have some recommendations that will help you understand how this game is played.  We recommend that allow your guest to choose between the left and right putter that we provide you with.  They will get up to 5 balls to play with, which sounds like a lot, but it is near impossible that someone will get 5 hole in one’s because it is just that challenging!  They will take their first shot, then learn from their mistake, then try to perfect it with each subsequent putt.

How to PROFIT with This Game

We have some excellent tips on how to profit with this game, if you are using it at a Fundraiser.  We recommend that you charge the following:

  • $3 for 1 ball
  • $5 for 3 balls
  • $7 for 5 balls
  • $10 for 10 balls

Most people will go for the 3 or 5 balls option.  As each person gives it a go, and gets their attempts at putting, eventually your guests will start to get Hole in One’s.  You could give away prizes for each Hole in One – such as a free drink + 5 Raffle Tickets.  You do not need to worry, as it is highly unlikely that you will have more than 3-10 people get Hole in One’s in one evening, so it is not as though you will not be handing out 50 free drinks that night!  Mark down their names on a Dry Erase Board.  Later on in the night you can hold a tournament for them and they will get to play once more to win a grand prize.  This might be a free Golf Cart Rental and Green Fees to a local golf course, some free golf balls, or something Golf related.

What Kind of Vehicle do I need?

We have highlighted what NOT to bring in Red as we doubt it will fit, and we highlighted our recommended vehicle(s) in Green.  Of course this is only a guideline but we are just giving you our honest opinion based on what we have seen over the years.  We do this day in and day out, so have a really good idea at what will work:

  • Compact Car
  • Large Car
  • Small SUV
  • Large SUV
  • Pick up Truck
  • Minivan

How to Prepare for Pick up

We have highlighted in Green what you may want to bring with you so that you are well prepared.   If bringing a truck, keep in mind that you might need to have the back bed totally empty as this takes up a lot of room.  If bringing a van, keep in mind that you might need to have all seats folded down, stowed in the floor, or removed altogether.  This means no passengers!

  • Bungee Cords
  • Tie-downs
  • 1 Blanket
  • 2 Blankets

How Heavy is this to Transport

A common question is to ask how heavy a product is, so that people know how many others they may need to bring to help lift this into their vehicle. This product is heavy / awkward / long to carry.  We do not assist in the lifting of games into vehicles for liability reasons, so we advise you to bring a 2nd person along with you for sure!

How is Delivery Calculated?

There are 3 things that we take into consideration when adding up your Delivery cost.  First let us say that it is worth every penny for you, as you don’t have to worry about finding a suitable vehicle, driving to our showroom to get it, pack it up, drive to the destination, unpack it, set it up, take it down, pack it up, drive it back to us, and unpack it for us.  That is a huge time saver for you and a lot less headache!  Note that you can click on one of these 3 links below for more info.

3 Delivery Costs:

  1. Set up & Teardown: There is a $20 charge for each game to be set up and turndown.  This is included in the price above, so there are no extra charges for it.
  2. Transportation Charge: Charge of $2.50 per km (between our showroom in Grimsby to your destination).  Keep in mind that there is a minimum charge of $50.  When you enter in the shipping address in checkout, it will automatically calculate it for you and add it to the cart on your behalf.
  3. Obstacle Fee: This may be $0.00, so keep that in mind if it is an easy delivery to get in and out of.  However if you have stairs for us to climb, parking issues, elevators to use, etc. – that all adds to the time and effort that it takes to deliver. When answering the questions above about Obstacles, it will add any applicable charges.  Most people have none, but this is just for you to be mindful of.


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