Envelope Box

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This Envelope Box (also known as a Card Box) is a stunning and decorative way to collect envelopes of money at your Wedding! (picture coming soon!)

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Envelope Box

It is super sparkly! (picture coming soon)


Delivery Set up & Teardown – optional

There are 3 portions to the Delivery Charge:

  1. Set up & Teardown: $20 fee per game
  2. Fuel Charge:  Entering Delivery Address in Checkout and it will add on a Fuel Charge of $2.50/km
  3. Obstacles: Possible extra charges for Delivery Obstacles (stairs, parking issues, etc).  Find out in checkout.


Weddings are so much to attend, and they can be fun to plan too! There are just so many tiny steps to making sure that they run smoothly, and sometimes these small additions are so important to really step up your wedding a notch in sophistication. This is a simple and elegant Envelope Box designed to hold all the wonderful envelopes of money that you will receive. What is the going rate these days? $150? $200? $250? $300? Only one way to find out! At the end of the night, lift up the lid to your Envelope Box to see your sweet surprise of envelopes that your guests have deposited throughout the night. We also have a Bird Cage if that is more your style.


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