Dealers for 13 Games


Keep in mind that if one of the Tables you needed a Dealer for was a Craps Table, that you will require 2nd Dealer to run that Table.  If this is the case, CLICK HERE to book 14 Dealers instead.

If you would like to book Dealers for 13 Games, you will receive 13 Dealers + 1 Pit Boss + 2 Breakers + 1 Supervisor.  Our Dealers dress in full Casino attire and extremely professional and outgoing.  You will love them!  Just select the City of your Event, Choose your Date, and then add to Cart!

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Don’t rely on your buddy to deal for you at your Casino Night. Instead employ our Dealers who are trained to make the party light, ensure everyone is following the rules, and they will collect the money (if a Fundraiser) responsibly and accurately. They are trained to deal Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, any of our Wheels, but can do any game that Jack of all Spades offers. Prior to your event, they will give you a quick phone call to set up the details on how you want it played, what strategy you want to use, if you are playing with money or poker chips, etc. They will take care of all the details for you, even if you have no idea what you are doing! Many of our Dealers are actually dealers in Casino’s, and do this on the side. So if they are good enough to be hired by Casino’s locally, they are the best of the best for your Casino Night. Let us take the pressure off of you, and run these tables however you want them to be run. Starting at only $150 per dealer for 4 hours, it is a great investment!


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