Custom Fundraiser Package

Cannot find a package that works for your event?  Well then here is the plan:

  1. Add some Stag Games or Stag & Doe Games to the cart
  2. Check out your subtotal
  3. Once you get over $100, your cart will automatically deduct a 10% discount on the Games you chose!
  4. Add enough games that are more than $200, and it will automatically deduct a 20% discount on these Games!

Easy peasy.  And because we are feeling generous, you will notice that we will also automatically add some FREE Gift Cards to your order after you add some games to the cart.  CLICK HERE to read about these.


Note that it will automatically discount full priced items only, and these items cannot be part of another package.  It will not discount add-ons such as Tickets, Money Aprons, or Cash Boxes.  Only games will get the discount.  Happy Shopping!