Beer Pong

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Beer Pong has evolved from a college game, to a fantastic money making sport. It is a drinking game in essence, but you can run it at a Fundraiser to make a profit. It comes with 5 pong balls (feel free to get the glow in the dark ones!)  This folds up like a suitcase and is easy to travel with. If you want more info on this game before deciding to book it, CLICK HERE.

Scroll down to see what is included and add on Delivery if you want it!


Beer Pong Table

This is a folding table, which is super simply for traveling with!


Pong Balls × 5

The Standard Balls come with this game, but feel free to upgrade to the Glow in the Dark ones!  They are $1 extra per ball.


Set up + Teardown – optional

Click "Add" below to have us set this up for you at your event.  The Set up & Teardown Fee is $20 per game, but it might be more if you have Obstacles (answer the 3 questions below to determine if you have Obstacles).  Note that there are 3 portions to the Delivery Charge:

  1. Set up & Teardown: $20 / game
  2. Obstacles: $0 - $19 / game
  3. Transportation:  $2.50 / km - Enter Delivery Address in Checkout and it will automatically calculate fee


Beer Pong is in essence a drinking game that can make you a ton of money! But it can also be used just for entertainment, your choice! Typically you would have teams of two and each team takes turns throwing a ping pong ball into the other team’s cups. Once a ball lands in a cup, the cup is taken away and the opponent then drinks the contents of the cup. If both teammates hit cups, the balls are rolled back and they get to shoot again. Make sure to have a lot of extra cups and balls on hand as you will go through a lot! Our table is easily transportable as it folds up – great for any party!


Here are the dimensions of this product Folded Up for Traveling:

  • Weight = 22 lbs
  • Length = 24″
  • Width = 23.5″
  • Depth = 5.5″

When can I Pick this up?

After booking your rentals, you can CLICK HERE to book your Pick up and Drop off Time.

How to Play This Game

We have some recommendations that will help you understand how this game is played.  Wikihow explains it the best!  CLICK HERE to see their explanation.

How to PROFIT with This Game

We have some excellent tips on how to profit with this game, if you are using it at a Fundraiser. The easiest way to do this, is to charge an entrance fee and all night people will compete and keep playing against the winner(s) of that match. If you have a lot of people who you think will play, then charge $5 per game. This $5 multiplied over and over throughout the night, will equal some big money for both the engaged couple, as well as the winner. At the end of the night, you can announce when the final game will be. Then whoever wins that game, will take home 1/3 of the pot, with the other 2/3 going to the Bride &: Groom. Alternatively, you can record on paper how many games someone wins throughout the night, and the person with the most wins, will win the tournament.

What Kind of Vehicle do I need?

This will fit into any of the vehicle(s) listed in Green.  They will all work!  This folds into a 24″ by 24″ box so can sit right beside you in the passenger seat.  No prep needed here!

  • Compact Car
  • Large Car
  • Small SUV
  • Large SUV
  • Pick up Truck
  • Minivan

How Heavy is this to Transport

With this product, one person is all you need to transport it!  It is very light weight so you will be fine.  We do not assist in the lifting of games into vehicles for liability reasons.

How to Host a Tournament

CLICK HERE to see step by step explaining how to host a tournament!

How is Delivery Calculated?

There are 3 things that we take into consideration when adding up your Delivery cost.  First let us say that it is worth every penny for you, as you don’t have to worry about finding a suitable vehicle, driving to our showroom to get it, pack it up, drive to the destination, unpack it, set it up, take it down, pack it up, drive it back to us, and unpack it for us.  That is a huge time saver for you and a lot less headache!  Note that you can click on one of these 3 links below for more info.

3 Delivery Costs:

  1. Set up & Teardown: There is a $20 charge for each game to be set up and turndown.  This is included in the price above, so there are no extra charges for it.
  2. Transportation Charge: Charge of $2.50 per km (between our showroom in Grimsby to your destination).  Keep in mind that there is a minimum charge of $50.  When you enter in the shipping address in checkout, it will automatically calculate it for you and add it to the cart on your behalf.
  3. Obstacle Fee: This may be $0.00, so keep that in mind if it is an easy delivery to get in and out of.  However if you have stairs for us to climb, parking issues, elevators to use, etc. – that all adds to the time and effort that it takes to deliver. When answering the questions above about Obstacles, it will add any applicable charges.  Most people have none, but this is just for you to be mindful of.


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