Grand Opening / Customer Appreciation / New Management

We have compiled a list of games to attract customers to your Customer Event.  Perhaps you are celebrating that you have opened up a new business and are trying to get new loyal customers at your Grand Opening Event.  Or maybe you are having a Store Opening with New Management, or a Customer Appreciation Day Sale.  We have a few games that may entice a happy feeling for your Customers, and it is a great way for you to give away prizes or coupons.  Remember, everything is on sale for 10% off!

Need some help deciding?  CLICK HERE to see which game would work best for you, as we have given you a great selection.


Check out all the tabs below as you will see that we have summarized how each of these games could work for you. We compacted our explanation into a sentence or two, so that you will be clearer on how each of these games can be used to Attract Customers to your Grand Opening / Customer Appreciation / New Management Event.  It will help you narrow down which game would work the best getting a potential client’s attention. There are so many choices but we don’t want you to feel overwhelmed!  Just quickly browse through the 7 tabs, and within 2 minutes you should know exactly which one will do the trick.  If you would like more info still on the game itself, scroll right back up to the top of this page, and click on the little pictures of the games. Planning a Customer Appreciation Event with the intent to attract customers does not need to be a daunting experience, let us help you!  Best of all… every single game listed here is on sale for 10% off!  Celebrating this monumental time and having people be just as excited as you, is key.  You want to do your best at attracting new people to your location, and if they are having fun and are happy to be there, they might pull out their wallets!  It is also a great time to showcase your services or products by them being able to win prizes towards those.


When your customer drops a chip, it will land in a spot at the bottom. Label these to give away free prizes, products, services, or coupons

CLICK HERE to see pictures of the Plinko, how to play, its dimensions, etc.

Punch a Bunch

Each new customer gets to punch a spot to see if they have won a prize! When they punch a spot, there will be an envelope hidden behind there telling them what they have won. Such as a free service, a discount on a product, or coupons. Or you can have point values in envelopes and whoever punches the highest number would win a grand prize.

CLICK HERE to see pictures of the Punch a Bunch, how to play, its dimensions, etc.

Bra Pong

This is a cute game that will get customer’s attention as it is bright pink! They certainly will not miss it. Each customer will throw 1-3 balls and try to sink them into a bra. Each bra has a value attached to it, so the person that earns the most points could win a grand prize. Or if you have several small prizes, coupons, or free services to offer, make it more attainable by saying if you get over an x point value, they win x.

CLICK HERE to see pictures of the Bra Pong how to play, its dimensions, etc.

Prize Wheel

The Prize Wheel is the most classic game to have at a Grand Opening or Customer Event. We send you the template ahead of time, so you can customize it to say whatever you want. Your customer will simply spin the wheel to see what they have won! You can label the spots to have point values, or put prizes in each of the spots for coupons, free services, or product giveaways.

CLICK HERE to see pictures of the Prize Wheels, how to play, its dimensions, etc.

Crack the Code

Every customer that walks in your door, gets to pick a code that could unlock the door to reveal a big prize give-away. Once they enter in their code, it will either give them a red light, or a green light telling them that they won! We supply you with the codes to either raffle off, or give away for free. Either way, it will encourage people to play as it is simple and fun.

CLICK HERE to see pictures of the Crack the Code, how to play, its dimensions, etc.

Jack and The Bean Toss

Your customers each get 3 bean bags that they can throw towards one of three targets. Label these targets as prize giveaways, or give away one large grand prize to the person who gets the most points from 3 throws over the span of the event.

CLICK HERE to see pictures of the Jack & The Bean Toss how to play, its dimensions, etc.

Golf Game

We do have 5 golf games listed above, but they can all be used in the same manner – you just have to pick which one works with your theme or type of customer coming. The one person to get the most points can win a grand prize or major service offering for free. Or if you have lots of smaller gifts or coupons to giveaway, you could give one to each person that actually attempts to play. Let them have some fun while trying to win!

CLICK HERE to see pictures of the Golf Games, how to play, its dimensions, etc.


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