4 Blackjack Mats

From: $60.00

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Blackjack Mat × 4

This unrolls to 71" x 35" - you will love that royal blue colour! Fits on a 6 foot long rectangular table.


Regular Blackjack Accessories × 4 – optional

This includes the following (CLICK HERE to see what these look like):

  • 6 Decks of Cards
  • Dealer Shoe
  • Discard Holder
  • 300 Regular Poker Chips

Extra Chips – optional

Sometimes people feel more comfortable renting an extra set of chips (even though 300 is typically enough). Or sometimes people don't want to rent the Accessory Package and just want the Chips!

4 Dealers + 1 Pit Boss – optional

Our Dealers dress in full Casino attire and are super personable and professional. Please select the City of your Event.


Delivery Set up & Teardown × 4 – optional

There are 3 portions to the Delivery Charge:

  1. Set up & Teardown: $20 fee per game
  2. Fuel Charge:  Entering Delivery Address in Checkout and it will add on a Fuel Charge of $2.50/km
  3. Obstacles: Possible extra charges for Delivery Obstacles (stairs, parking issues, etc).  Find out in checkout.

White Folding Chairs × 32 – optional

These fit perfectly around this Mat and fold for easy handling



Our Blackjack Mat rolls up for easy travelling and when unrolled, is 6 feet long.  It is a gorgeous blue colour and allows up to 7 players to play at any given time.  Blackjack is a popular game at all sorts of events, including Stag & Doe’s, Casino Nights, Birthday Parties, Corporate Parties, etc.  All you need is a table for this to lie on, however if you would like an actual Blackjack Table with legs, then CLICK HERE to see this rental instead.


Here are the dimensions of this product:

  • Length = 71″
  • Width = 35″

When can I Pick this up?

After booking your rentals, you can CLICK HERE to book your Pick up Time and HERE to book your Drop off Time.

How to Play This Game

We have turned to wikihow who explains it the best.  They even have videos to show you how to do it, so why reinvent the wheel when we can just direct you to their page.  Click HERE to learn how to play.

Blackjack Cheat Sheet


Blackjack Rules


How to PROFIT with This Game

We have some excellent tips on how to profit with this game, if you are using it at a Fundraiser. Play Blackjack just as you normally would, however the guest(s) of honour wins a percentage of each hand. It is a win-win situation and you are guaranteed to make money. Or another option is to charge $10 for five chips, with each chip representing $2. You may want to write down which each coloured chip equals in value, and you should have both a minimum bet and maximum bet. We recommend a $1 minimum and a $5 maximum. Keep it simple, and you can make a lot of money on this game.

What Kind of Vehicle do I need?

We have highlighted what NOT to bring in Red as we doubt it will fit, and we highlighted our recommended vehicle(s) in Green.   Of course this is only a guideline but we are just giving you our honest opinion based on what we have seen over the years.  We do this day in and day out, so have a really good idea at what will work:

  • Compact Car
  • Large Car
  • Small SUV
  • Large SUV
  • Pick up Truck
  • Minivan

How to Prepare for Pick up

We have highlighted in Green what you may want to bring with you so that you are well prepared.  If bringing a van, keep in mind that you might need to have a seat or two folded down, stowed in the floor, or removed altogether.

  • Bungee Cords
  • Tie-downs
  • 1 Blanket
  • 2 Blankets

How Heavy is this to Transport

A common question is to ask how heavy a product is, so that people know how many others they may need to bring to help lift this into their vehicle.  With this product, we would recommend a 2nd person come with you to help lift it into a vehicle, since we do not assist due to liability reasons.  It can be awkward to carry as it is on the heavier side.


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