100-150 Guests (Regular)

From: $2,927.00 $2,847.00

This Package saves you 10% on Game Rentals, and it includes:

  • 3 x Regular Blackjack Tables
  • 2 x Regular Roulette Tables
  • 2 x Regular Poker Tables
  • 1 x Deluxe Craps Table
  • 1 x Crown & Anchor
  • Delivery Set up & Teardown (fuel charge will be added in checkout – $2.50/km)
  • 10 Dealers + 1 Pitboss + 2 Breakers (for 4 hours)

If you want more info on this game before deciding to book it, CLICK HERE.

Package includes everything needed to run the Games (Chips, cards, etc).  All you need to do is check off any Delivery Obstacles we might incur, select the City of your Event, choose your Event Date, and Add this Package to the Cart!

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Delivery Set up & Teardown × 9

This Package comes with Delivery, however you might incur extra charges if you have any Obstacles.
Make your 3 choices below! CLICK HERE to see itemized list of charges.


10 Dealers + 1 Pit Boss + 2 Breakers

Dealers are included in Package price, however price increases when our Dealers have to travel further away from the GTA which is where they are from.



    Why Get this Regular Casino Package?

    This Casino Package for up to 150 people is fantastic for those hosting a year end event for their Employees, or to celebrate a big company achievement.  It’s a fantastic way to entertain your employees because there is no pressure to play at all, and they won’t lose any money as its just for fun.  Alternatively, you can run this as a Casino Night Fundraiser too if you wish.

    What is Included?

    It includes 3 Regular Blackjack Tables, 2 Regular Roulette Tables, 2 Regular Poker Tables, 1 Deluxe Craps Table, and 1 Crown & Anchor. It also includes Delivery Set up and Teardown, as well as 10 Dealers + 1 Pit Boss + 2 Breakers.  It includes all Accessories to run the Casino Tables, and our Deluxe Mat + Chips to run the Wheel.

    How does this look after 150 people?

    Let us explain!

    • Each Blackjack seats 7 (3 Blackjacks would be 21 people)
    • Each Roulette can house 6 people at a time (2 Roulettes would be 12 people)
    • Each Poker seats 9 (2 Poker would be 18 people)
    • Each Craps can house 6
    • Each Crown & Anchor can house 6
    • Total: 63

    So 63 people can play at any given time, however it is unlikely that ALL of your guests will play at the same time, if at all.  Out of those 63 possible players, up to another 87 people will be socializing, getting drinks, eating, watching others play, smoking, etc.  So for 100-150 guests, this is a great package option.

    CLICK HERE to read our FAQs on how many people does each Casino Table Accommodate.

    Are there any Other Fees to be aware of?

    Although this Package price includes all the games and everything needed to run them, there is 1 extra charge that we will explain, plus 2 other possible ones:

    1. FUEL CHARGE: This will be calculated in the checkout after you enter in the Delivery Address, and it is $2.50/km from our showroom in Grimsby.  Minimum charge is $50.
    2. DEALERS: You will incur extra charges for the Dealers if they are outside of the GTA.  Once you get into Oakville or Milton (anything further from Toronto) there will be a higher cost for Dealers since they have to travel further.  Most of our Dealers are based out of Toronto.  Once you select your city above, it will automatically add any extra costs to the price right beside “add to cart”.  No surprises!
    3. DELIVERY OBSTACLE FEE: If you have obstacles, you will incur extra fees.  So if you have parking issues, lots of stairs, elevators, etc (anything that will prolong the delivery and take more time for our Delivery Personnel).  After answering the questions above, the price will be included before clicking on “add to cart” so you will know your full cost.  If you want to know exactly how much these Obstacles are costing you, CLICK HERE.

    How did you Calculate the Discount for this Package?

    We cannot discount the Dealers because they are actually subcontracted from another company who we have been working with for 12 years now.  They are fabulous!  But they set their own prices and we just collect the money from you on their behalf.  So what we instead offer is 10% off our Game Rentals!  This Package will save you $80…  Great deal!

    How Should I Run My Casino Night

    As each of your guests arrive, before entering the room where all the Casino Games are, you will want to give them one of the 5 following examples. This gives them access to play the games!  They take this item to a Dealer and exchange it in for several different coloured chips for them to play with.  They will not be given 100 chips all worth $1, because that is crazy!  You do the math – that is a lot of chips to order from us if everyone had 100!  The Dealer will give them chips in higher denomination so that will only be carrying around a few.  When they are ready to play, they can exchange the higher denomination chips in for smaller ones at the Tables, and off they go.  Choose the one that works the best.

    Coupon: You print this ahead of time – just find an example on the internet and copy it




    Funny Money: Also a ton of them on the internet, just find a template and print them out



    2000 single raffle ticketsRaffle Ticket: We sell Single Rolls of Raffle Tickets HERE, so add this to the cart



    Monopoly Money: You can find these at the dollar store



    blue chips

    Blue Chip: We use Blue because none of your games come with Blue Chips so they won’t get mixed up.  We rent cases of these Chips for $10, just CLICK HERE to add them to your order.




    What Percentage of Guests will Gamble?

    CLICK HERE to see what Percentage of Guests will actually be playing these games at any given time


    How Many Casino Tables should I rent?

    CLICK HERE to see a Chart which will tell you how many Casino Tables to rent, based on the number of people you have coming


    How is Delivery Calculated?

    There are 3 things that we take into consideration when adding up your Delivery cost.  First let us say that it is worth every penny for you, as you don’t have to worry about finding a suitable vehicle, driving to our showroom to get it, pack it up, drive to the destination, unpack it, set it up, take it down, pack it up, drive it back to us, and unpack it for us.  That is a huge time saver for you and a lot less headache!

    3 Delivery Costs:

    1. Set up & Teardown: There is a $20 charge for each game to be set up and turndown.  This is included in the price above, so there are no extra charges for it.
    2. Fuel Charge: Charge of $2.50 per km (between our showroom in Grimsby to your destination).  Keep in mind that there is a minimum charge of $50.  When you enter in the shipping address in checkout, it will automatically calculate it for you and add it to the cart on your behalf.
    3. Obstacle Fee: This may be $0.00, so keep that in mind if it is an easy delivery to get in and out of.  However if you have stairs for us to climb, parking issues, elevators to use, etc. – that all adds to the time and effort that it takes to deliver. When answering the questions above about Obstacles, it will add any applicable charges.  Most people have none, but this is just for you to be mindful of.  CLICK HERE if you want to see how much these are.

    Why is there a Deluxe Table in my Regular Package?

    Good question!  We don’t carry a Regular Craps Table, but we feel that you would want a Craps game in this Package, so we splurged and put in the Deluxe Table.  It does not have a skirt like the other Deluxe Tables, so it won’t stand out like a sore thumb but will instead blend in nicely with your Casino theme.


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