Poker Table Rentals

Poker Table Rentals

Which Poker Table would you like to Rent?

Deluxe Poker Table: $99

Our Deluxe Poker Table is 84" x 42", seats 9 people plus a dealer, and comes with a fancy black satin skirt that will match any venue. It has 9 jumbo stainless steel cup holders, a chip tray, and vinyl padded bumper for extra comfort. Sure show stopper. This is a delivery only item.

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Regular Poker Table: $60

This table is 84" x 42" and will seat up to 10 people and it is an awesome shade of blue (see picture). The armrests of this Regular Poker Table are padded with leather for added comfort, and all seats have a drink holder.

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Poker Table

Poker Accessory Package: $12

    300 Poker Chips

    There are 300 Professional Poker Chips in a stainless steel case - here are the denominations that you will receive: 100 white, 50 green, 50 blue, 50 black, 50 red. If you order our Deluxe Poker Table, it will instead include 150 red, 100 green, and 50 black, as well as a cut card. Make sure you get enough cases of chips (each additional case is $10) because it would be a disaster if in the middle of the card game your dealer ran out of chips. Plan ahead, overestimate, and think big! Please inform whoever is running the table for you (unless you use our dealers) that they must put all of the chips back in order of colour by the time we receive them back, or there will be charge of $5 per case.

    Poker Chips

    2 Decks of Cards

    These cards came all the way from a real Vegas Casino for your enjoyment!


    Dealer, Little Blind, and Big Blind Buttons

    These are a “must” if you are playing Poker. The buttons will help ensure that the antes are kept in the proper sequence. They will also help keep track of whose turn it is to bet.


Poker Game Rental Sign: $5

Add on the 20" x 36" GAME RENTAL SIGN for only $5
Just use a Dry Erase Marker to fill in the prices that you want to charge for each poker chip, as well as the minimum and maximum bet!

Poker Table Sign