Plinko Game Rentals

Plinko Game Rentals

What is a Plinko?

How many of your remember the Bob Barker days, and how much fun the Price is Right games were? The Plinko game was one of the most popular games, and it still is today. We actually have 2 other games from that show as well (PUNCH A BUNCH and THE BIG WHEEL) and we made a special PRICE IS RIGHT PACKAGE that you can check out! But you don't have to get the package, you can rent the Plinko on it's own, or with any other games of your choosing. Don't forget to add on the adorable Plinko GAME RENTAL SIGN!

Which Sized Plinko Did You Want?

We have 3 sizes of Plinko for you to choose from. They all work exactly the same, it just depends on how much space you have, your budget, and what kind of wow factor you are going for. Each of the 3 Plinkos' dimensions and prices can be found below.

Regular Plinko

Regular Plinko: $50

It may be our smallest Plinko, but it does have them most spots at the bottom! If you cannot think of 14 different prizes, feel free to repeat them. The Regular Plinko stands approximately 4 ft tall x 2 ft wide, and it comes with 3 chips.

Large Plinko: $65

Our middle sized Plinko happens to be the most popular size. It stands 5.5 feet tall by 2 feet wide, and it comes with 3 chips.

XL Plinko: $90

Our largest and most impressive Plinko of all! Nobody has ever been dissapointed with the wow factor that this Plinko will bring. It stands a whopping 7 ft tall x 3 ft wide, and it comes with 3 chips.

Plinko Game Rental Sign: $5

Add on the 20" x 36" Plinko GAME RENTAL SIGN for only $5
Just use a Dry Erase Marker to fill in the price you want to charge for 1 chip, and 3 chips!!

Plinko Sign

How to Use Plinko at a:

How to Label the Bottom of the Plinko at a Stag & Doe or Fundraiser:

a) Prizes:

We supply you with 3 chips per Plinko game, but you do not need to use all three per round. Make them as enticing as possible so that people will try many times, not just once. Here are some ideas:

  • Win 1 Raffle Ticket (tape an actual raffle ticket to the particular spot)
  • Win 3 Raffle Tickets
  • Win an Arms Length of Raffle Tickets
  • Win 2 Arms Lengths of Raffle Tickets
  • Win a Drink Ticket (tape an actual drink ticket to the particular spot)
  • You Lose (although it is fun for every spot to be a winner - your choice)
  • Go to Penalty Box for 1 Minute
  • Free Putt at Golf
  • Get Another Plinko Chip
  • Win a Shot or Jello Shooter
  • Get a Kiss from the Bride
  • Win a Prize off Prize Table
  • Win a Raffle Ticket for Grand Prize (tape an actual raffle ticket to the particular spot)

b) Point Value System:

An alternative way to run the Plinko is to label the spots a point value, such as what you see below. Then after people drop 1, 2, or 3 chips, they can add up their scores. You could say that if you got 20 points, you would win a Free Drink for example - look above for some more examples of prizes to be won. The reason we labeled two spots 0 points below, is to give the illusion that the middle spot is the hardest to get. That is what they do on the Price is Right!:

  • 5 points
  • 10 points
  • 0 points
  • 50 points
  • 0 points
  • 10 points
  • 5 points

***We provide you with a basic Excel Worksheet that you can type in what you would like the spots to say, and then you can print it out and later tape it (with Painter's Tape) to the bottom of the Plinko board. The Worksheet is the exact dimensions of the Plinko board and you can print this on any home computer. This way you can print it in advance and not have to scramble to make something the day of the party or use sticky notes! Or you can have a poster up on the wall or make a large sign of some sort saying what the spots mean.

"Breakfast Television" using Jack of all Spades' very own Plinko!

XL Plinko on Breakfast Television

What are the dimensions of each size of Plinko, and will it fit into my vehicle?

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