Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of things to consider when renting items from us, and it is normal to have questions. Below, we have some frequently asked questions (FAQs) where we hope to answer any further questions that you may have. Click on any of the following questions to get a specific answer, or scroll down to read all of the answers.

How to Book

Changing & Canceling Orders

Common Questions about Games

Delivery & Pick ups

Prices & Packages

Replacement Fees

How to Book

What payment options are available?

We accept Cash, MasterCard, Visa, Email Money Transfers, and Cheques.

Can I order just one rental item, or is there a minimum order requirement?

Sure you can order just one item there is no minimum order requirement.

Why do I have to pay a Security Deposit, I am only renting one small item?

Each item, no matter how big or small, is costly to replace. The Security Deposit encourages you to look after the item carefully so not to damage it, and to return it to us on time in the same condition.

How do I book?

Simply fill out our BOOKING FORM and you are good to go!

Changing or Cancelling Orders

After I book, is it too late to make additions or reductions or even cancel my order?

Additions are welcome, but they are subject to availability. Reductions are fine too, but you can only do so penalty free if it is more than 14 days away from your event. Please read this part of the RENTAL AGREEMENT for more details on our cancellation policy.

Common Questions about Games

How many games should I rent?

This is a hard question, because it depends on:

    a) The crowd - Think about who is coming, and what they would enjoy. Also think about how much they will be willing to spend, as games like Blackjack, Roulette and Poker require some more cash than a game like Bullseye. Some people are all about gambling at CASINO TABLES, others just like the easy games that do not require much skill. Have a good mix.

    b) The logistics of the night - Think about when you are serving food, and what other surprises you have planned for your guests and try to make the evening flow nicely. Make sure to create a SCHEDULE.

    c) How long your event should last - We suggest that you continually bring out new games throughout the night to raise excitement and anticipation. Calculate how many hours you expect people to stay, how often you want to bring out more games, and you have got your number.

    d) The number of people that should be there - If you expect to have more than 200 people at a stag and doe for instance, you should have at least 5-6 different games for your guests to choose from so that it will appeal to as many people as possible and keep them interested all night. If you are expecting 100-200, you may want 4-5 games. If you are expecting 50 - 100, we suggest that you rent 3-4 games. Our motto is the more variety of games, the better. You do not want your guests to become bored after only an hour of being there.

If you are having a Company Casino Night that is not using real money, then look at how many people each table sits. A good rule of thumb is to accommodate about 40-50% of your people by having a place for them to play at a Casino Table. So if you expect 100 people, choose tables or games that will look after 40-50 people at any given time. If you are having a gambling event where the point of the event is to raise money, you may want to increase your number to 60%. A good reference to check out is this section on PLANNING A CASINO NIGHT as it will give you the breakdown as to how many people each table will seat.

How much do people typically spend on game rentals?

Some games will give you a better profit than others, but that really does depend on who is playing. People in their 40s and 50s are generally more generous because they have more disposable income. It also depends on how many people you expect to come. If you know you don't have a gambling crowd, then Blackjack and Poker may not be the best option, in which case you are looking at cheaper games.

However, you asked for a number, so here it is - we estimate that the average order is between $150 and $200 for a Stag and Doe. Don't feel bad if your order is $60 or $500. If you are on the lower end, you are probably having a low key event where maybe music or dancing is more important to you than making money off of the games, or it is a smaller crowd. If you are on the high end, you probably have several CASINO TABLES (which is where you make the most money typically), and you will see a higher return assuming you have planned correctly and have lots of people attending who are ready to spend money!

How much can I make from your games?

We have a ton of tips on how to run the games and what you should charge. CHECK OUT THIS SECTION FIRST. We have had some customers say that they made $500 at a Stag and Doe total (obviously was not planned too well!), and we have had some make $25,000. We would say on average people make $3000 - $6000, and depending on which games you have chosen and who you had running them, perhaps $1000 of the profit came from games. So by spending a couple of hundred bucks on games is peanuts compared to what you can make. It all depends on what games you choose, what games you think would work with your crowd, how outgoing the person running the game is, if you have chosen a good location to hold your event and for your games to be placed at, if you are charging appropriate amounts to play the games, how many people are coming, how good your prizes are, and what the average age group is. Hard to say, but if you plan right, you can make a killing! Just ask us, we are the Game Rental Experts after all!

What are the most profitable games?

From what our customers tell us, the WHEELS (Crown and Anchor & Horse Race especially) give a great return. The Penalty Box, Crack the Code, Fore and Jail & Bail are also big winners, but it does depend on the crowd. Sometimes its the most simplest games that make the most money, but if you are still unsure, then stick with our with our PACKAGES as these are the most popular.

Can you explain to me how to play a game if I have not heard of it?

We give brief explanations of each game on our website as well as how you can run them to make a profit, but if you need more clarification, by all means ask us!! For games like Blackjack , Poker, Roulette, and Craps - these need to be run by people who know the game well. You can always use our DEALERS if you do not know anyone who is good at dealing. You can get a DEALER QUOTE HERE. We have made the games as easy as possible to learn and have ensured that we chose games that appeal to as many people as possible. However if you visit our HELPFUL PAGE, you will see that there are ideas on how to make your own signs (or just rent ours for $5) and it will give you some ideas as to how to run a game.

What if something that I rented doesn't work?

We go to great lengths to make sure that all of our equipment is in working order before it gets to you. We inspect and clean every item after a customer has finished with it. After you have received your items, have a good inspection of all parts. If you notice anything at all later on, it is best to give us a call and send a pic of whatever you have found. We may have already known about the small damage, however it is best to cover your butt! Wherever possible, we can try to substitute it for something else, give you a new one, or worst case scenario - refund you, assuming this was our wrong doing. Probably won't ever be an issue, but just in case! It is a rental company after all, and people are rough with our items, so they are bound to need repairs from time to time.

What if I only use three out of four tables that I rented? Do I get a rebate on the one table that was not used?

All charges are for time out, whether used or not. We can work with you before your event to help you decide how many tables you may need based on the number of people that you expect.

What is an Accessory Package?

These are items that you need to run the CASINO TABLES (Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, and Craps). Examples are poker chips, dealer shoes, casino dice, on/off puck, discard holder, etc.

Why would I pay for your Dealer when my friend can do it for free?

DEALERS can turn a much higher profit then your buddy can. They are fast at calculating, know the rules inside and out, are highly trained to look for cheaters, are professionally dressed in Casino attire, entertain whoever is at their table, and get people excited about playing. Your buddy will want to take bathroom breaks, smoke breaks, talk to people who enter the hall, may mess up a few times counting cash or chips, get caught up in conversations with people at the table, etc. We have never had ONE SINGLE COMPLAINT about our Dealers, and have only had positive feedback. Trust us when we say that our Dealers are worth every penny.

Delivery & Pick ups

What time can I pickup & drop off my games at?

Feel free to SCHEDULE YOUR PICK UP & DROP OFF TIME up to 2 weeks in advance. We are typically closed on weekends but can sometimes make some exceptions. Usually people pick up their items on either the Thursday or Friday, and return them to us on Monday or Tuesday.

Is delivery free? If not, how much does it cost?

DELIVERY rates are based on the number of kilometres from our showroom and on the number of items that you are renting. See the RENTAL AGREEMENT for full details.

Can you deliver my one item or does there need to be a large order?

We typically only deliver for large Casino Nights and Company Events, so typically it is a larger order that we deliver for. We do not typically deliver for Stag and Doe's because we reserve those time slots for the large Casino Nights.

What if I need to change the pickup or delivery time that we agreed on?

When you booked a pick up time online to grab your order, you will have received an email confirming the time. Find that email, and you will see "RESCEHDULE" so click on that and you can choose another time. If it is a delivery time that you need to change, then please call us as soon as possible to let us know and we will do our best to accommodate. Read this section of the RENTAL AGREEMENT for full details.

Prices & Packages

Are your prices negotiable?

No, they are firm. We do regular market research to ensure that we are charging fair prices that are aligned with our competition. If you find another company that has lower prices, remember that you get what you pay for. We have a lot of pride in our equipment and all games are in excellent condition. When we did our research, we found that many companies would keep renting out their equipment year after year and did not make necessary repairs or maintenance throughout the years, and so would keep renting it even if severely damaged. Some even offer lower rates on their damaged stuff, but that does not bode well for their reputation in our opinion as customers will associate that company with renting crappy equipment. Customers are often shocked to find out that although we may have lower prices than the guy down the street, our stuff is gorgeous compared to theirs! That is just good business sense in our opinion. So to make a long story short - remember that you get what you pay for! If you want a deal, CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR PACKAGES.

Is tax extra?

Yes, all of our prices are subject to HST.

Replacement Fees

If one of my guests damaged a rented item, and I was not there to see it or prevent it, who is liable for the damages?

The liability remains with you from the time you receive the rented items to the time we receive the rented items back. You will have to pay the full REPLACEMENT FEE of this item.

I turned my back for one second, and one of the items I rented was stolen. Who is liable?

The liability remains with you from the time you receive the rented items to the time we receive the rented items back. You will have to pay the full Replacement Fee of this item.

I found the item that was missing / stolen, should I tell you?

Of course you should tell us! We are more concerned about getting our items back than charging you. Once you return the item to us, and it is in the same condition in which you originally received it, we will gladly refund the Replacement Fee that we charged you before.